Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

¿Cómo está familia mia?

Hey family, how is everyone? It sounds like everyone is doing great. Man, I can´t even imagine how pretty the mountains look right now. I am in a place that looks like mesa in the winter. There is nothing green. But I can imagine how it will look in summer. It has to be so pretty in summer. I´ll send you all some pictures. It is definatley my favorite area. I love it so much. That fish fry really sounded good. But I have to go on a good diet when I get home, I still have to loose some weight. I stopped loosing weight. I just got used to the ton of walking and the food i guess. I have a lot to do and a lot of goals to make. Thanks mom for checking up on that stuff for me. Man Brady is right. It is so weird being in this time of the mission. I have to work really hard though. I can make the goal I put for my second year. Just have to work like no other. We are doing really good and we have been really really blessed. There are so many families that i have learned to love here.

Happy Birthday to everone, Grandpa(sorry i missed it) grandma and katie. Grandma i liked the story of caleb. It is way funny how little kids talk. I love when little kids here want to pray. their prayers are so awesome. But it is ok if we are all looking old. Everyone thinks that I look inbetween 28 and 35 years old. I sure hope they are just blind. But it is funny anyway. they always get so suprised when they find out how old we really are. I think it is the clothes.

So we had a really good week this week. really good. We are working with a family right now. The morales family. They are so awesome. The love us. They are always making us presents and we love them alot too. They are so happy and nice. The awesome part is that this family was doing really really bad only like a month ago. When I got here they were about to split apart. They all hated eachother and they were always fighting. One even pulled out a knife and wanted to use it on her sister. It was crazy. Well there were a couple that werent baptized and we were still working with them. We didnt do anything differnt we just really wanted to show our love for them. We tried every thing. Playing dont eat pete, making banana bread and brownies and just being their friends. We have had a lot of talks about famileis and the problems they can have. They thought their family wasn´t good just because they faught. We both talked about our families, i told them i chased emily with a bat and we also talked about how much we love our families, how much we have been blessed by the gospel. We promised them a lot of blessings. The Lord completes with his blessings. He really worked a miracle with that family. The family is together. almost all of them are baptized and they love eachother now. The ones that were fighting and almost stabbed eachother, are now always together and always happy. one of them got baptized yesterday. They were so happy. The smiles on their faces were priceless. The family is doing good and they are going 100% with church. They are reading and praying and doing everything they need to do. Vanesa and Carolina have read 400 pages of the book of mormon. They are almost done. The power of the book of mormon is so true. They love reading it and they always have a ton of questions for us when we go. They are so amazing.

Yesterday they were suposed to both be getting baptized but one of them had problems and i wont go into detail but she is getting baptized next week. but one of them did. it was a great day in church. They learned a lot and the members(in the city not zonda) really helped them out and made them feel good. We have to baptize in the city because dont have a baptismal font in zonda. But we had a priest baptize her and everything was doing good. it was probably the best baptism i have had just because the spirit was so strong. We played a movie where there are clips of converts that are talking well they cuoted the book of alma when ammon is talking. He talks about how they were made into insturments in the hands of God. It hit me hard, that i was used as an insturment in the lords hands to help them. Right then i never felt a better feeling then my whole life seeing these people getting baptized. It was the best feeling every and i never want to for get it. i loved everypart of it. I love the mission and i love the people. they have so many trials and such a hard life, but they are fighting for something better, fighting really hard. It is so true, the promise of being blessed as you obey the commandments.

We are also working with a the montaña family. they are a family of seven. They are doing really good. The mom loves everything we are talking about. especially the idea of her sons going on a mission. They went to church yesterday, or actually the little house. It is so small. but it was really nice. they felt good even though the sister did not teach the lesson verywell. my companion and i had to do an overall summary so they could understand. Mom, i used your ;The purpose of fasting is fasting with a purpose. the members liked it.

On saturday we had a really sweet activity with the youth from the stake. They did an activity that they went on an island and they had a whole bunch of games and other stuff to do. They gave them white pieces of papers to buy things there. There were booths like dancing, video games, cooking, soccer, volleball, tie tieing, missionary work and some others. They go around doing all the thing and they sale their white papers for all the activities the have. the also get blue pieces of papers for doing wordly thing and white for doing spiritual things. we had an activity on how they can talk to their friends at school. we had some people but not a ton. well when it all finished they were going back to argenitna in the plane and the plane crashed. then they had judgement. everyone that had more white papers then blue got to go to the celestial kingdom and the others had to go to the terestial and the telestial. in the two bottom ones they were really hot rooms and nasty food. about 90 percent were in there. then the ones that went to the celestial kingdom were met my the stake president and his wife(the best lider i have met in my whole mission). They had some really good food and gave them a nice prise. it was so good. it was an awesome activity. it would be fun at home too.

the thing that suprised me is that the youth here are really strong. they have a huge testimony and they actually talked really well.

well if i am going to send pictures i have to go. but i love you all so much. have a good week.

elder smith

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