Friday, July 23, 2010

May 4, 2009

Dear Family,

Wow, so it sounds like you all had a crazy week too. Ha ha emily i am glad you are alright. That is scary. Is your car totaled? Or can you get it fixed? Ha ha ya that is weird that her name in Jesus, i am kinda doubting that is her read name. But i am glad you are ok and that you didnt get hurt or anything like that. So guess what????? You all get to call me this Sunday. When i turn 8 months old in the mission. Ya so i will tell you the details in a little bit. So anyways. Ya so mom you said, wow you are already done with a third of you mission. Ya it has been both fast and slow. But this last transfer flew by. It was so quick and know i am with a new companion here in santa lucia. His name is elder alfonso and he is from paraguay. He is really cool. He has about three months in the mission and it is pretty sad but he has had some pretty lously companions before me. So we are going to be changing a lot of things. Ha ha so ya on Wednesday we had transfers and we have the terminal in our area so we had to wait with an elder while he waited for his companion. He was suposed to get here at four in the afternoon but he called at four and said that they were now buses in the siesta so he had to wait a while and he finally got to san juan at midnight. So i was beet the rest of the week. I was so tired. And to top it off. May 1st was a holliday and there were no buses. So we had to walk to lunch which was forever away and then walk back. Ha ha and it was the hottest day of the week. Argentines have way to many holidays here. It is a little ridiculus. But lets see. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and it was really good. We had two missionaries return home and the bore there testimonies. One is the bishops son who is now our ward mission leader which is going to help out a ton. So i am way excited for that. And also another kid who his parents are not members. So having them in church with him was everything. I sure hope they liked it and i sure hope we can go and visit them and talk about the gospel with them. This only problem is that they are way catholics. Ooooh. Oh well we will see. So also this 7 year old bore his testimony yesterday and i am not going to lie it was one of the best testimonies that i have ever heard in my life. Another good thing about yesterday is we had a lot of people in church. We used more then two water trays. That is big hear. It was way nice. But still nothing like the wards in mesa, our ward is way bigger. So in the new zone san juan there are a lot more people that i know. Elder chase and morgan from the mtc are in this zone and also elder berezay and matson who i lived with when i was in bermejo. Today we played soccer as a zone and it was way fun. There arent as many latins so it is alittle better. I am a really happy with elder alfonso. He is going to help me with my language and also he is really clean. It was a little hard with elder cubilla but elder alfonso is way way clean. The apartment just feels like a better place. Ha ha mom now i know why you always want a clean house. He look i am learning in the mission. How about that. So i dont know if you already sent my birthday package but if you havent and there is room, could you put in an american flag. Ha ha everyone native has one of his country why not me too. But if you already sent it. It can go in the next package.

So about the phone call. You are going to call me on Sunday at 2:30 which will be 6:30 here. I am almost positive it is a 4 hour time change but to be certain. Mom you are going to call me on Wednesday at 6 in the afternoon which will be 10 at night here so we can see if everything works. Ok so the number that you will call is
011-54-9-264-474-2278. so you are going to call me on Wednesday at 6 in the afternoon and then if that works at 2:30 on Sunday. After i talk to the family then mom you can call dad and then he can call me. So i think that is everything with the phone call. We will see on Wednesday. Well that was about all this week a lot happened. But then again not alot. We are going to be working a lot harder this week. I love you all so much. Be safe and dont get in anymore accidents.

Elder smith

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