Thursday, July 22, 2010

January 19, 2009

hello family,

so this week was really good and it sounded like yours were too. except being sick. hope you feel better mom and mac. but everthing else sounds good. bryce giving a talk and everything. crazy. well right now mom my clothes are fine for now. i dont know if i am going to keep losing weight fast or not. but we will see. i kinda hope so. ha ha. but thanks for sending the socks. it is kinda crazy. sometimes the sisters in the branch are fast with washing the clothes and sometimes they take a long time. these socks are going to help out a lot. ha ha because the other stuff i can wear more then once or twice. but everthing is going good. oh and mom it is ok that you didnt get that letter from brittany out. dont worry about it. but to answer some of your questions. i have seen 2 elders from the mtc. i havnt seen elder chase yet. and there are elders that havnet seen their mtc companion and they have like 18 months. so i hope i get to see him. ha ha funny story that made me feel good. we were walking down the street and this guy and this lady asked us what ward we were from. we said bermejo and i asked them where they were. and they said the ward that elder chase is in. so i said, oh i was in the mtc with him. how is he doing. she said goood he is doing good but you speak a litlle better than him. it made be feel pretty good. and my companion elder macias he is from tucuman argentina but his family lives in la plata which is in Good Air or Buenos Aires. ha ha but he is cool. he lives with him mom and 2 brothers and they are all members. his brother served in chilie and his other brother is getting ready to go. and at zone conference ya elder lewis is in maipu zone. the zone is a little different right now but that is good. one favor could you send me a picture of our house. thanks oh i showed some people the picture of grandmas house. everyone said. oh a mansion that is huge. ha ha they like their house. so in the past week we changed houses. right now we are living like three house down on the same street. but we are living with 2 others missionarys. josh and todd probably know but a 4 man pench is better it is so much fun. we can come home talk about the day and see who had more success. like yesterdday we had a competition who would have more in church. more investigators. elder berezay thought he would win but we beat him by one. they had 5 and we had 6.

ours were kinda miracles. we had facundo come and he is getting baptized this saturday. yay my first baptism. but we also had a member come up to us and say this is my granddaughter and she wants to be a member of the church. we jumped on that. got her address and are going to teach her. ha ha and then we were teacing princibles of the gospel class and a member came in and said there are 3 people waiting outside. so we talked to them and they wanted to know more. so we had 3 kids of about 19 years. and then a member brought her neighbor. yesterday was a good day in church. 6 i think it was the best in the zone. oh ya. so the elders we live with are elder berezay from canada and elder matson from californina. they are really cool. so how is it with a new president????? haha i want to know how it goes with him.

so we talked to a guy this week. and my companion he speaks spanish fluently and we were talking the this guy and this is what we got out of it. all we could understand was the work fifty ha ha so his name it fifty. but it was funny becasue he talked for like five minutes. and we didnt understand a thing. oh and we also saw a whole family of five on one motorcycle. ha ha argentina

so we have been working really hard with marcelo and araceli marĂ³n. for a while i thought they were goind down hill. but we gave them the testaments to watch and we were going to come back another day. we went saturday at 430 and when we got there the movie was almost done. and at the end when jesus heals his blindness and the spirit is way strong. marcelo said. oooh that was really strong. ha ha we said ya and we gave them a pictue. becuase at first they were reallly having a hard time with prayer until we had him pray with us. but we gave him jesus at the door. where jesus is knocking but there is no door handle for him we have to let him in. they reallly liked it and they are both way into everyting right now. we are ging to put a baptism date with them tongith for the 31 of january. but they are doing good. i cant wait to baptize them they are so amazing.

but i am glad everyone is doing good at home. i cant wait to see more pictuires of mac and i hope mac and mom get better. i love you all. so much. have fun be safe read the scriptures do whats right. les amo mucho y espero que esten bueno. esta iglesia es verdadera y tenemos la verdad.

edler smith

this is a picuture of centro mendoza and of me eating a really good hot dogs. with tomatoes. i actually reallly like them now. well i love you all so much.

elder smith

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