Friday, July 23, 2010

June 21, 2009

Dear family,
Well it sounds like everyone had a good week. We did too. So lets see. To start, I got my package and it was awesome. We already ate a whole bottle of the hot sauce. I am glad my companion cant eat a lot of hot stuff so I got to eat almost all of it. I am using my new garments right now and they sure do feel a whole lot better than the others. I put my new ones and the old ones together and it is an amazing difference in the color of the two. I don’t want to know what my garments are going to look like in 14 months. Pretty bad I can already tell. Thanks so much for the book of piano music. It is awesome. A lot of really good songs are in it. My companion just loves the silly string. He has never seen anything like it before. When I am quietly studying he just shoots me in the head. I will get him one day. And thanks for the ensign in English they didn’t give us one in English this time so it is good that I have both. I am reading in Spanish for practice but I like having it in English too to help me. So something cool. On page 55 in the ensign there are five guys from san juan argentina. Two of them are in my ward and they other three are in my stake. The guy on the far left is Hermano Josè Bloin, he is a taxi driver and when we need a taxi we always call him. The guy on the far right is Juan Pablo Fernandez, he is really cool. He wants us to find a girl with like twenty years and baptize her so that he can marry her. We are trying but haven’t found one yet. But it is cool that they showed up. I also got the pictures of Mac. Ya he looks a ton different then the pictures I saw the last time. One thing I thought he had brown hair and he is a lot fatter in these pictures. He is a monster. Elder alfonso liked the tie that he had at I think Brittney´s wedding. He is looking really big. It just surprised me because I had a different picture in my head. I showed our investigator Paola the pictures last night and she just loves his eyes.
So we heard about this fly swatting obahma too. I don’t remember who told me but how retarted is a fly trap. I think elder alfonso and I kill atleast 10 flys everyday in the house. I don’t know where they come from but we have fun killing them. Oh and about the dogs. There is no dog control whatsoever. The only thing taking dogs of the streets are cars, buses and the family Pàez. When the sister sees a dog she lets it into her yard. I think as of right now they have 12 dogs. I told the sister that I want to take a picture of her dogs and the family. She said no because you family will think that we are freaks. I told her, hermana we already know that you are freaks. She laughed. But really they are freaks.
You have no idea how good chicken tacos and beans sounds right now. The good thing is that the hermana lindahl made a recipe book for all the missionaries and there are a lot of good recipes and good stuff to try and cook. So we will be experimenting with that in the next few weeks. Oh and just so you know we washed the finger marks off the door already. We cleaned the whole house really really well because we wanted to win the cleanest pench award. Why? Because the last time the person won a soccer ball. So we wanted one so we cleaned a lot. And what did we win. A box of TRIX cereal and a big spoon for cooking. How cheap is that?!!!!! Oh well at least I like trix.
So yesterday we had zone conference. It was the best zone conference that I have had in the whole mission. They spirit was so strong. An elder did a piano song. I believe in Christ. Way powerful. Which followed the talks of the assistants. They were such strong talks and they are such good elders. It was amazing the spirit we felt, everyone felt it and it got us so ready to get out and work. I loved it and we ate really good too.
So i think i decided that i am going to buy a new suit because an elder that lost a lot of weight also tried to get it tailored and it didnt come out good and he had to pay 100 pesos anyways. So i am going to look to see what they got.
So today we played soccer with our zone SAN JUAN and the zone CHIMBAS. I played a lot better today. I wanted to run a lot so i did. I also fell really hard. We will see if my back hurts tonight. But as of right now. There are not any problems.
So this week in church was hard because of fathers day. Dad FELÌZ DÌA PAPÀ. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! So it was hard to get people to church. But we are still teaching paola and her family and the family lucero. The family of 11 isreally hard to get the parents in the house because they work a ton. But we are working on it. We opened our mouth again 140 times this week. So we are still workin hard and waitin for the Lord to do his part. But it will happen paola in progressing really well. So pray for her and our investigatores. Well i love you all. Have a fun week and be safe. Les amo mucho y que esten bien en todo lo que hacen esta semana. Hasta la pròxima semena.
Chau chau
Elder smith

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