Saturday, July 24, 2010

January 4, 2010

Dear Family,

HAPPY NEW YEARS. 2010. Hey well it sounds like things are crazy at home. I CANT BELIEVE THAT ROBERT IS ALREADY GETTING MARRIED!!!!! That will be so weird that he is going to be married before I go home. Wow things are going fast, I remember when he left. A lot of things are changing at home. So sounds like bryce had a fun time in the snow with his friends. It is still weird that he can date. I still haven’t gotten that in my head. It is weird. That is pretty cool that brett will be going soon and that there will be three cousins in the mission. There is a lot of languages our family can speak now. I just wish some of these cousins would go Spanish speaking so we can chat it up after. Oh well. There are enough Mexicans there in Arizona to practice with.

Ya I know exactly what you are talking about with the attending church thing. I know for sure the church would be a lot bigger here in argentina if it started later. Every ward here in argentina starts at 9 or 930. for an argentine that is really early. So I know that would change the work but they never change church times. Oh well. So this last week we had a pretty good week. We stayed in the house for new years eve. Which was pretty fun. We played risk until midnight and we watched fire works on the roof again. Not that great but it was still fun with half the zone there in the house. On new years day we played soccer again. It was really fun I am slowly getting better. My feet just don’t work like the latins feet do. But I am getting better at juggling. I am pretty proud of that one. We also ate empanadas that the sister missionaries made and had some cake that they made too. So sister missionaries come in handy when they make food. But it was a really fun new years day. Then we worked in the afternoon. Aaaahhhhhh. It was so dead. We were pushing and only found 8 people in the street and knocking doors was terrible because they were all hung over. But it was still a good new year.

In church yesterday we had a new girl go. I thing she really liked it. She is progressing really well. She is reading and praying and thinks the book of mormon is true. We are going to try to put a baptismal date with here this week. So last night was a really stressful night. It was the night that the president would call you if you were going up to district leader or zone leader or training. Well at about 1130 president called me and told me that I was going to train again in balloffet. Well I told president what happened with that investigator and it sounded like the assistants never told president. Well he told me he will fix it and well I still haven’t heard from him. So I don’t know if I am training again. It would be nice. I guess I was going to train or be zone leader and well right now I don’t know. So we will see what happens. I wouldn’t mind just training. It is really hard to train but I can do it again. We should have already found out about transfers but I think my little problem turned all the things around. I hope not but we will see.

Well today we played a game of risk that a missionary drew up. It is world of warcraft risk. It is way sweet. He is draws really well. Well I ended up winning at the game which made me feel really well. Also the stake mission leader made us all tacos today. They weren’t that spicy but they were still really good. And right now we are just waiting for the transfers to come through. Well I just found out about transfers and I am not training or being zone leader. Because this little problem with the investigator. I am going to san luis, villa Mercedes, 25 de mayo. So my area is also my birthday. I am kinda sad that I am not training but oh well. The assistants told me that I am just going there for like one or two transfers and then something else. I will see what happens. But I am going to be with an elder named elder deuel. I don’t know how to spell his name. but he has one transrer left. So I am killing him off. It should be fun, I heard he was fun. So I will write you more next Monday with everything that is happening. I am pretty excited to get an experienced missionary, I think we will be baptizing a lot out there. Well have a good week. I love you all.


Elder smith

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