Saturday, July 24, 2010

May 7, 2010

(my cell phone) (other elders cell phone, elder sanchez and quebbeman)
011-54-9-2657-321-690 011--54-9-2657-321783
hey mom,
sorry that it didnt work. i have checked the number and it should have worked. try this second number. it is the other cell phone of the apartment. but try the first one first again. it is my cell phone. i will have the phone until about 3 here so about 11 at home. so you can keep trying with that. try the second phone inbetween 9-11 to try to get a hold of me. elder sanchez with answer the phone but his companion is a gringo so he will pass it to him. good luck. if i dont get anything today in the afternoon i will go to the internet place again and i will email you again. hopefully it will work. sorry that it didnt work. i will be waiting for you call.
if you get this email right away just email me back. we can try it right now.
te quiero

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