Saturday, July 24, 2010

September 21, 2009

Dear Family,

(before i start, i have been sending dad and stuff pictures but i dont know what has happened with the letters, i havent got one from him in a long time. I dont know what happened but just wondering).

Well another week has past by. It was a really good week. Ha ha and emily i know what josh is talking about. Dont worry. But it is true everything has to be exactly square with the world. Ha ha. That is good that he is helping though. So on Saturday night i got a call from elder jarvis from the offices telling me that tanner was in mendoza and he told me that he was going to come visit me in zone conference. And to just make sure it was ok with president i asked him in my interview. Because technically it is a rule that family can not visit you. I asked him and he said. No. So i said ok i just wanted to know i will call him and tell him no he cant come. After my interview president asked me if it will make me unfocused. I told him no and he let me do it. So after zone conference we went with tanner ally elder hinojosa elder morgan and elder cox we went and got ice cream. It was pretty nice. They look different. Everyone said they just look way american. Ally stood out like a sore thumb. Ha ha. When but it was fun we were together about an hour and we took a picture together. I just cant send pictures with this computer so i cant send it today. I am pretty excited to see where tyler sherwood is going. I hope spanish speaking mission. That would be cool. The people in our family are just going portugues and korean finish(findland) we need more spanish speaking people. People in the last couple days have been saying that my voice sounds like i am from brasil. It kind of bugs me but like five time in one week. I guess i need to change the way i talk. Or learn portugues. That is cool that you made peach jam. I guess during sommer there are a lot of peaches here. I am really excited. Every day for lunch the members give us peaches that they canned from the year before. I love it. It is so good. I am getting addicted to peaches. So yesterday we zone confernce. It was really good. The hermana lindahl spoke about moving up in our spirituality. She told a story of a guy that traded a paper clip on the internet for something better everytime. Until he got a house. She then talked about president hinckley how he just didnt become a president in one day. We have to work on gaining spirituality. Then president lindahl talked about having fun. He wants us to have a lot of fun. When we talk to people on the street. Have fun with it. Have competitions and just have fun. It was good. Ha ha and the sister lindahl made a really funny movie about cleaning the penches. She was a detective and she went to inspect a pench. (sorry pench is an apartment). She went and she was a mean lawyer. She inspected the pench and then she wanted to see how clean the pench floor really was and put milk on the ground and made them lick it off. It was really funny and oh you just have to see it. I hope they give a copy to all the missionaries of all the movies they do. They are way funny. Oh mom you asked me how long my comp has been in the mission. He just completed 4 months yesterday. He is getting old already. Ha ha. Nothing really excited happened this week. We just talked with a lot of jehovas witnesses. I hate talking to them. It is like talking to a brick wall with no feeling. This guy asked me if my country was in war and they said i had to go. Would you go? I told him if i had to protect my family i would. He then said, what do you do in a war? You have to kill people. He asked me, is that loving your neighbor? I told him i know it is not a good thing but sometimes you just have to do it. Then elder hinojosa asked him. Do you show your love for your nighbors like the bible says? He said yes. Ha ha then elder hinojosa said, then why if your kid is on his death bed and needs blood you would not donate blood? He said will in the bible it says not to(which is a total lie, i read it, it is acts 15:29) we talked for a long time and it is just sad. We talked with another pèrson and she said that she needed a blood transfusion and the only one the could do it was her sister but she is a j dub. Her sister wouldnt do it. She almost died, but someone came in to donate blood. I just dont get j dubs but oh well. I will keep trying to talk to them in a calm manner, it is just hard. Ha ha. Well other then that not much has really happened. We think we will have some good investigatores this week. We need it badly. We will just keep being obedient and the lord will bless us. Today we are going to play soccer and risk. Well i hope you have a fun time on your trip. I love you all have a good week. Les amo mucho. Hasta luego. Chau chau.

I almost forgot. I got your letter. The elk looks good in the cabin. About the truck. I think it would be awesome. Do what you think is best, you know.

Elder smith

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