Saturday, July 24, 2010

April 19. 2010

Hola Familia,

It is so crazy that chase is already home and that chad is getting home soon. I just can’t believe that it went so fast. That is really cool for chase. He will be able to be in South America after his mission. He will be able to have friends here and be able to perfect his Spanish. It sounds like an awesome oportunity. He is going to love it. So Garrett already has his fiance in the states. I want to see a picture of her. Does she speak English? I sure hope so it will be a lot easier for her. But that is really sad about Logan. I can´t even believe it. How did they get into that buisness? I thought they were going to open up a restaurant. Maybe you could get me his email address and i can start to email him like i dont know anything is happening just to see how he is doing. Maybe that will help him. Man that is so sad. I hope colten doesnt go to Colorado. Is the dad into it to? I sure hope not. Man that is so crazy. I dont know how Satan does it. I really think one of the big things is that returned missionaries lose some of the habits that they had in the mission. I have to keep reading my scriptures and have a calling after the mission. Here in Argentina it happens a lot. They start hanging out with the wrong group of people. And after a while they just stop going. It is really sad. We go to a lot of unactive people’s house and a lot of them are ex missionaires. I go in there and they are so excited and they talk about their mission and all the great things that happened. Then we talk about the church and they dont want to go anymore. They can feel like they need to go but they dont want to have to change the things in their lives. It is really sad. You just can’t get off the path. Not even one step. I know Satan is going to be tempting a lot, which is why you need good friends. I am not going to lie, i am not too excited for after the mission. It is a lot to do. I am used to missionary life. Ha ha. I dont want to have to get used to another life again. Oh well. I can do it.

April is about to finish. Man this last month went by really fast. It has been crazy. Our zone is doing really good right now. Elder Mendoza and I were going to baptize this weekend but we had problems with our bishop, again. It is like the 4th time we have had problems. Oh well. The people will still be baptized. It is just a little annoying. We had a problem with the bishop not wanting the person to be baptized and I had to tell the assistants why she wasnt going to be baptized. Well President Lindahl heard and he called the stake president and the stake president called the bishop and then we had a huge problem. Ha ha. I didnt think it was going to get that big. Well it ended up like this. We want to the bishop to like us so we are just going to wait a little. The stake president was in our ward for a ward conference and we had a meeting with the four missionarie that are in this ward, the bishop and the stake president. Ha ha it was pretty fun. We just talked it out. It sounded like the bishop just misunderstood what elder Mendoza said and didnt get all the information. Well we talked it out and everything is good now. I just hope we dont have another problem again in the future.

The weather here in Villa Mercedes is really weird. It is hot one day and cold the other. We are looking for a new apartment but we cant find anything. We will keep trying. Everything is going good here in my area and in the zone. We are trying to get ready for may. Pretty soon we will be talking. Wow it is going fast. Well i love you all family. Hope you have a good week. Les quiero mucho. Chau chau

Elder smith

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