Monday, October 17, 2011

September 15, 2010

September 14, 2010

Hey mom,

Just thought i would send you a little something. we are still in the mission office just waiting for the time to arrive. I think we will leave in about an hour. we had a really good night last night with president lindahl. he said he had fun talking to you. you cry baby. no just kidding. he talked really good about you. he showed me where he put an offer on a house. it is like 15 20 away from us. not to far. it is in gilbert. well i thought i would just give you a little email. i am pretty bored here in the office. i love you a lot and see you tomorrow.

love elder blake smith

September 13, 2010

Wow, the time has come!!!
That is so crazy. I am in the mission office right now. I am using the mission computer so i cant use it for to long. i am so glad that weston is elder now. i am so happy for him. i am glad you all had a great spiritual day yesterday. yesterday was the hardest day of my mission. a lot of tears of me and other people and it was really good but really sad. i will tell you more when i get home. i wont write a lot. money i am doing fine. i think. my suit cases can only be really light and my backpack is really heavy. if they dont chech my backpack than i am good. if they do i will have to pay like 150 dollars. lets just hope that that doesnt happen. after i get home i am ok with anything. lets just do el charro. it is a little closer. not like that is important we wont be walking. YYYYYAAAAYYY. well i love you all so much and i will see you in like 2 days. tonight we eat dinner with presdient and tomorrow we leave. i love you all. chau chau
Elder Blake smith

September 6, 2010

Hey Mom,

HAHA, all the members are asking how you are doing and I have told everyone that my mom doesn´t say much about me going home. Everyone says, oh she is dieing inside. It is pretty crazy. This is really like my last email. I don´t know how next week is going to be. We will see. It is really crazy, it still hasn´t hit me yet. It still feels like Grandma said, that I still lack a long time and that I still have more to do. I don´t think it will hit me until next week. It is sad. It is going to be sad this sunday after church there is Zonda. I leave church there to go to the terminal to go to the offices. I am going to take a big picture with everyone there. I hope everyone goes. We will see how it goes.

I am having a hard time with what to buy people because I don´t want to spend a lot of money but I want stuff to remember it by and I want to get you all some stuff. I will do my best. If any of you want anything special tell me today because I will read it tomorrow morning when I have to write my end of the mission letter. I have bought some stuff. What do you want mom? Tell me something that you think you would like, or ask Tanner´s mom what she liked from Argentina and I will get it for you. All the things just seem normal for me now. Ask her and tell me tomorrow.

That is cool that Elder (Sam) Lewis is getting married. I´ll need to visit him after the mission, see how she is. I am proud of him.

I hope Brady feels better. That has to be so hard. I can´t believe that Kylie is leaving next week. It is kind of funny that we miss eachother by so little. She is going to have a great time. Hopefully she has a fun week before she goes into the mtc. Her mission is probably a lot colder than mine. Hers is going to be a lot more humid than mine. But I will pick dry heat over humid heat anyday. She is going to have a blast.

We have had a really good week. A lot of really good lessons with the recent converts. We are really trying to strengthen them so that they stay strong. I don't have a ton of time today but I will try to write more next week and if not we will see each other in a little bit.

I love you,

elder smith

I will write a little more tomorrow. Make she you write me and tell me if the money is in there or not. thanks mom.