Friday, July 23, 2010

June 15, 2009


Well it sounds like you have had some fun with the corn this past couple of weeks. I think a hot dog stand in front the sorange patch too would be a really good idea. There are a ton of hot dog stands here and they do really well. They always have people buying from them.

It is so weird that these kids are already home from there missions. It seems like they just left. It is werid to think that i have been gone for 9 months. That is funny that he has an accent. He must speak the language really well. I hope i come home speaking well. I am getting better and better everyday living with a guy that only says like ten words in english. I am trying to help him but it is hard to teach english walking in the streets. Logan will be home in 37 days. That is crazy he is in his last transfer. Wow. It is so weird. But time is going by really fast in no time i will have a year in the mission.

So to tell you a little about my week. Our investigtor paola is progressing a lot. We had a really good lesson about following the prophet and right now she has the first presidencys names by memory. We also song i am a child of god with her family and we talked to the little kids that they are children of god. I really thingk paola liked that. I love singing to investigators. It brings the spirit really fast. She couldnt go to stake conference becuase it is reallsy far and she has little kids. But the stake confernece was really good. They had it by satelite from salt lake. Two members of the seventy spoke elder perry and pres. Eyering. It was really really good. Pres eyering spoke about the tesmple. He knows it is hard for them but he told you still need to go.

So this week i worked the hardest i have in my mission. I dont know why i havent been working this hard all the time. We are seeing so many blessings right now. This last week we found a family of 11 and right now we know about 9 of them and are teacing them. It is a family really really big and really awesome. A guy also talked to us on Friday asking us to go to his house. He asked me if i could come to his house. He said that there is something missing and he wants to know what we have. I cant wait to meet the family. We are going tonight. But when we are obedient we always will recieve blessings. No matter what.

So i started to read doctrine and covenants in spanish i am in d and c 40. i love it. I cant read enough. I never before have read a whole section and right now i just love it. I love the scriptures. Dont forget to read them everyday.

Well that was my week. Really good week. I hope it is the same this week. Well i love you all. Les amo mucho.

Elder smith

1. elder candelario and i
2. elder alfonso and i in our tomba jerseys birthday cake

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