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April 13, 2009


happy easter family,

elder cubilla sends health ha ha it doesnt make sense in english but he is just saying hi.well sounds like everyone had a really good easter. and later in the letter i will explain all about the easter here is argentina. so way to go bryce. getting on with your eagle, you will be happy to have it done before you are 18 like i did. way to go!!! before i forget. there is a really good movie that the mission north carolina did. it is called "by small and simple things" (alma 37:6-7) it is a really good movie. in the begging no one is talking it is just with a song. but a girl is at school and when she gets up she leaves a book of mormon so the kid next to her will take it and hopefully read it. but he saw that she left it and ran and gave it to her. so she then sat down and wrote her testimony in the book of mormon and later gave it to him. he didnt think anything of it and threw it how his bed and then fell on the floor and went under his bed. but one day he remebered it and started to read it. he was reading the bood and then started to pray. while he was praying he got an answer that the book was true. the next seen he opens the door and she is there with the missionary´s and they start to teach his family. and at the end it is the picture of there baptisms. it is such a good movie. if you guys can find it. watch it, it is way good. it just shows that the Lord works by small and simple things. a book of mormon, testimony, and a little courage from the girl and a family found the truth. it is way good so on the 26 we are doing an activity with the ward to try to get them more excited about missionary work. i sure hope it works. we are setting goals with them, how many investigators are they going to bring to church and how many times they are going to open there mouths to invite people to listen to us or to get to know the church. i sure hope it works. we need there help.

so that is really sad that the tree is going to be cut down. i really liked that tree. it was such a good shade tree. and as a missionary we search for shade especially here in san juan. it is still pretty hot.

So i heard from dad that Weston is going to church and is assiting the whole block. That is awesome. It is exactly what he needs. It will also be way good for him to assist institute. That is something i wish i would have done before the mission.

Grandma and grandpa, thanks for sending me the talk from elder Holland. It will be nice to read and study that talk. It was so good. Thanks for everything you do for me and my family. I love you both a lot.

Wow jenna and Todd with a new house. That is crazy. That should be nice to have that for your own. A little far but not to bad. Cant wait to see it. That is good that mac is doing good. All the argintines love seeing him. And argentines are obsest with eye colors. What color of eyes does he have? Blue eyes are everything to them. We have a this guy that we are activating again. He is like 22 and his girlfriend just had a baby last week. (ya i know we are working on the marriage thing) but seeing that little baby i wish i Could see mac when he was little but i will have some more nieces and nephews to see. besides when i get home he will be able to talk and all that good stuff.

So to tell you all a little about my week. Well easter here is crazy. Starting Thursday there was no one in the streets. Everyone goes and travels with there families. All the cathlics dont eat meet this weekend so we went to the bishops house and a asado. Which is just a lot of meet. It was so good. Ha ha we had good meet and the knowledge that our church was true. They had to fish and still are blind. Thats why i am here though. Ha ha. But Sunday night we were walking home and we have a huge cathlic church right next to our house Infornt of the plaza. There were a ton of people and they we walking in the street with sticks that were on fire. I dont know what the simbolism was but it was just a little weird. We also went into a jehova witness church becuase we want to buy a bible and it was so boring and sad. Only one peerson talks the whole time. They also think that Orly 144,00 people are going to like with god and jesus christ. It is so sad that they think that. Thats why i want a bible of Thiers so i can see what they have changed. I just wish the would listen to us. But that was my easter. We had Fast and testimony meeting which was really nice and we had Juana again at chruch. SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!!!! It was awesome. She was having a lot of doubts about being baptized becuase if she does her family is going to pretty much forget about her. But he went to general conference and after she just got a feeling that she needs to get baptized and to now wait any longer. We were doing divisions on tueday with the zone leaders. And elder berrocal and i went and set a date with her. It is so awesome. She cant walk though so we have to put a plastic chair in the water and just have her put her head under the water. I am pretty excited. I am pretty sure i am going to do the baptismo. But we are going to have three people in the water. It is going to be awesome.

That was pretty much my week. Oh one more thing. We went to a member house last night and i still think she sad a lot of cathlic influince. She asked if i had any realation with joseph Smith. I said in some way ya. She got way excited and asked if i Could give her a blessing of health and safety, she asked me to ask joseph to Protect her. Wow. She forgot we dont honor prophets and ask them for stuff. So we have to explain that. Ha ha she is one crazy old argentine lady.

Well jenna just to let you know i am getting your emails. Thanks you so much. For everything you do for me. I love you all. Les quiero mucho.

Elder Smith

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