Sunday, July 25, 2010

June 21, 2010

Hey Family,

So Bryce had to talk again on Fathers Day. Lucky duck. I am sure he did really good. That is good that he is writing his own talk and everything. We had fathers day and they didn´t talk anything about fathers or the priesthood. They do things weird down here in Argentina. I am sure Bryce was mad about the Slovenia vs. US game. We watched the recaps in an investigators house. I was so mad. I am sure Bryce has already seen it and everything. The reff robbed a goal from us. We would have won and now we have to fight hard to make it to the next round. If we do better then England I will be happy. So we watched the Argentine, South Korea game in the gas station by our apartment as a zone. It was really exciting. IN YOUR FACE BRADY!!!!!!! ARGENTINA CREAMED SOUTH KOREA!!!!!!!! Just thought I would say something about that. A little mission pride. But it was a really good game. We had to walk through downtown Villa Mercedes right after and there were a ton of people there honking horns. With their painted faces, flags and Argentine jerseys. It was really cool to watch. There were a ton of people. I am in just little old Villa Mercedes. If I was in Buenos Aires it probably would have been a lot more fun. I am still mad though about the reff that robbed us. But everyone is saying that the world cup is going to be a South America world cup. That would be cool. Everyone is so excited down here. I really hope that the US doesn`t have to go up against Argentina. People would not leave us in peace if we play eachother. If we lose they will rub it in our face, if we win they will kill us. (just kidding). Either way it would not be cool.

Well, I am glad that you all had fun up in the mountains. Enjoy is Bryce!!!!!!! You need to send me some pictures of the new dog. I want to see what she looks like. Oh ya, Bryce you said that you were going to send me some pictures of you and your friends. What happened???? Send me some pictures.

I liked your idea of the The purpose of Fasting is Fasting with a purpose. That is the one thing that so many people forget and one of the hardest thing to remember to do. In the mission we always have things to fast for and so it is easy but the members have a hard time with it. Just keep giving good lessons in church though. We have some interesting lessons here in this ward. I kind of like hearing them. They are sometimes funny.

My shoes are doing good. Ya they are getting worn out and everything but they are doing good. They should last until I finish. I have one set of shoes that I don´t use that much that I only use on Sundays. So I should be good. They are going to last but they are going to be really used up too.

Sounds like a whole lot of fun picking corn and working in the yards. I sure hope that it all turned out good this year.

So this week we had a really awesome week. Elder Mendoza and I worked like crazy. We were just working really hard and a lot of people just started opening the doors. We got into 11 houses and taught 21 new people just this week. It was on of the best weeks we had together. We were really blessed. We found a lot of people and also an inactive family that has a kid to get baptized. We were trying to get the area really ready for the next transfer. They told us that we both might be leaving so we wanted to leave them with a lot of people.

Well this morning they called about transfers and I am way excited. I AM GOING TO SAN JUAN AGAIN!!!!!!!! I was so happy when I got the phone call. I am going to be with Elder Vasquez. He is a Chicano (fake mexican from the states). He is sweet. We almost have the same time in the mission. I am going to Zonda. It is about a 40 minute bus ride everyday from the city of San Juan. I am so excited. It had only been an area for like 6 months and it is growing like crazy. I am going to die there and I will be able to see all the people that I met in San Juan becuase I think that Santa LucĂ­a is in my district. So I am leaving Villa Mercedes and going to San Juan again. Elder Mendoza is staying here. So on wednesday I go to San Juan.

We will see how everything goes. I have two transfers left and I want to make them really good. One thing that I forgot to tell Kylie. Tell her to try Mate before she goes on the mission. She doesn´t want to go the whole mission without trying it before. Everyone is going to ask her if she likes it. Tell her to try it.

Well I don´t have much time left but I love you all. Have a good week. I will let you know how I am doing in my new area next week. Chau chau.

Elder B. Smith

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