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October 12, 2009


Wells it sounds like everyone had an awesome week. Thanks for the pictures emily. I like the hair. It is just different i have never seen you with short hair. Also mac looks EXACTLY like jenna. That was crazy. They look the same. I could open the video on this computer next week i will go to another internet place and try to open it. So today is retarted. There is nothing open because it is a holiday. COLUMBUS DAY. The argentines take a vacation for everything including columbus day. Hey lets not work!! Hundreds of years ago christopher colubus found the americas. It ridiculus if you ask me that they have this holiday. But oh well. I found a place to email you all. I am not going to lie. This thing with garret marrying a lady from honduros sounds a little strange. Ha ha. But good for him. Keep me updated. I want to know. That is cool that he will marry a girl that speaks spanish. That will be cool for me. Ooohh poor tyler miller. Ha ha he got the good old dear john too. I have been noticing that everyone that had a girlfriend is getting dear johns. Ha ha . almost the whole mission if they had a girl friend they dont know. But oh well. Ya so it is starting to warm up. The good thing is that i am more in the southern part of the mission. It will still be hot but not as hot as san juan where i was before. I am pretty excited for summer. Maybe i will loose a little more weight. So i have been thinking about christmas. I think i want some more garments. Maybe a tie would be nice but i had a list of stuff but i forgot. I will start thinging. Something that i want and i dont know if it is possible is a game. It is called RISK. Elder jespersons mom sent it to him and we have been playing it on pdays but he is leaving so i was wondering if it is possible if yo0u could send it. But i will think of when i need for christmas and i will let you know. So they are already going to start with the new stake center. That means it will be done by the time i get home. Crazy. And MATTAS. That is the best news i have heard. No just kidding. But that is going to be really cool. Where is it at??? By bass pro shop? So i talked with the nurse. She told me that you emailed the mission. Worried. Ha ha so you know i have to go to mendoza and get operated and the doctors here are not very good. So i am kind of scared for the surgery. No i am just kidding. It is going away. I took the medicine and i will be fine. I can start excersicing again and everyting. It really only hurted Sunday night and Monday morning. After i got the medicine. I had some red stuff coming out of my belly button and it was really gross. But know it is fine. It doesnt hurt or anything. It still looks alittle weird and i will send photos of it. Ha ha. But i am fine. Dont worry. Nothing happened.

So this last week. We had a talk with luis and lorena who went to general conference. We left really sad. They believe in some weird religion that started in colombia. Some spiritista church. Well what they believe in reincarnation. Taht they will live on the earth until they live a perfect life. Which throws out the atonement of Jesus Christ. Noone can live a perfect life. That is why christ was so important. After they told us about this we had to leave becuase they had family come over. But over the past week i have been thinking alot about it. It is so sad. I want to find them again to talk to them. The plan of salvation is just so amazing. They dont beleive that they will live with their family. Which is totally sad. So their marriage and their kid means nothing. I love the plan of salvation. I know i am imperfect. That is why christ is so importatn. He helps us. We can not do it alone. Also i love that we have this one chance and then we can live with god again. I love know the truth. I love it. I want them to know it. I hope we can find them. They are just blind. We have to help them see.

So a little news about the transfer that is coming up on Wednesday. Elder lewis my trainer is going home. I called him and talked to him. He told me he was going to go visit you in the orange patch too. Also I AM GOING TO BE A FATER. I am going to training this transfer. President called me and i am going to be training a greenie. Also i am going to a new area. So i am wasing an area too. I am going to go where tanner judd was. It is called BALLOFET. I am way excited. I heard the members are great and i am so excited. I will have a whole new area to work with a new missionary. I have to travel to medoza on Wednesday to pick him up from the offices. I am way excited. I had a lot of fun with elder hinojosa. He was an awesome companion. I have my new comp is just as good. I dont know if i want to have a latin comp or a gringo white boy. They both will be fun. But with a gringo white boy. He wont be able to speak well. Oh well. I will help him.

So that is what happend this week. I will send you a picture of my son (the newby) next week. I love you all so much. Be safe. I am fine with my hernia thing. Ha ha. Have a good week by. Les amo mucho.

Elder smith

here are some pictures ENJOY

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