Friday, July 23, 2010

June 8, 2009

Dear Family,

Hey everyone, well it sounds like everyone is doing awesome. Mac is fat and happy. Bryce found some nice girls from efy and everything sounds good. Ha ha i liked you catching cats story mom. It sounds really fun actually. I remember when we were trying to catch the cats with our hands. I think traps are a little better idea. But it is good you got them all fixed. Argentina needs to do something with all the dogs they have here. There are a ton. Way to many. Some day i think they will start. But actually the buses are a good way to get rid of a lot of them. I see more dead dogs here than in McNary. Really there are a ton.

So this week was a good week and a bad week. Lets start off. So i dont know what happened before the mission of my companion but something happened and he almost had to go home. That is all i know. And last Monday he got a letter from is bishopric kind of getting mad but he said with love. So Monday he was terrible and almost crying. So it was pretty hard to work together when that happened. Then Tuesday we went to an investigators house and they dont want to hear more so that brought us way down because they were so good. Then on Wednesday we ate pizza. So that was something good out of this pretty bad week so far. But then it went worse. Wednesday night i woke up about 2 in the morning with really bad diarehea. And then to top is off i started to throw up at about 4. ha ha the worst night of my mission. So i didnt sleep at all because i was always in the bathroom. Ha ha when i was in there i was mad at myself that i didnt clean it on Monday because it was pretty dirty. Anyways. So Thursday i called the mission nurse and she said i had to stay in the house. So i slept all day becuase i didnt sleep all night. Then on Friday i had to do three baptismal interviews which killed me again. All the energy i had i had to put it in to talking to these people and preparing them for there baptisms. But it was really nice. The best part of the interviews is to hear there prayers. Some people dont like to pray with the missionaries because they are nervous. So they must feel diferent when it is just one missionary. But there prayers are awesome. They are thanking there father in heaven for the chance they have to get baptised. I need to be more thankful for the chance i had to be baptized i think i dont think of the as often as i should. But these three interviews. Were amazing. But after the interviews i died again. We left Saturday night to work and we got an old investigator interested again. So even though our week was bad it ended really well.

So today starts a new transfer my 6th transfer. I am pretty sure i am staying here with elder alfonso but everything can change. I have no idea. But we have a goal of baptizing four people this transfer. So you all need to pray for us. Well i love you all and just so you know i am healthy again. Yay. No really i am 100%. I love you all. Til next week. Les amo mucho y que esten bien.

Elder smith

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