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March 2, 2009

Hey Famiy,

Well it sounds like everyone is doing good but first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYCE AND JOSH!!!!!!! wow bryce is 16 and josh is what like 29 ha ha just kidding. but happy birthday. wow bryce you are a presbĂ­tero and you can bless the sacrament now. i remember my first time. i was scared to death. but you will do great. ha ha i hope. tell me about it. and emily. wow you cooked a nice meal. i wish i could of tasted it. i guess you will have to cook for me when i get home. the mission sent me a letter saying they are sending the mission a recipie book. i am excited for that. on sundays we cook our own food and i cook spegetti. even though i love it i think i am ready to cook something else too. but that is really weird that annie is getting married. i mean really weird. but i guess good if she is happy. hey bryce maybe i will be able to set you appart as an elder. that would be cool. tell me what you think. hey but that is in more then 2 years. but to answer the question about the wether it is still really hot. but supposefully it is going to cool down this week. i am really excited for that. oh mom could you tell me again how much is in my bank account i dont want to accidently not have any in there. but today i bought a soccer jersey. from the team tomba it is the one that the member plays on. i will take a picture and send it next week.

well this last week was really good. i baptized cecilia on saturday and she was confirmed yesterday. it was really nice we had like 25 people there. that is a lot. mainly because our branch only has like 50 active people. but it was really good. i baptized her and elder riggs played the violin. it was really nice. i will send pictures too.

so yesterday we had diego in church. he is really good. and i really think he is goind to be baptized. he is really fun too. a little weird but fun. we are working with him to get him to stop smoking and drinking he is doing really good. he is like at one a day. went from twenty to one in like a day. we just have to get rid of that one. but really good guy. she wants to change and be a better dad and husband.

really quick mom. could you ask tanner judd the areas that he served in and what time he served? thanks.

so yesterday we were walking to church and i was in my suit and i heard something hit my jacket. ya it was bird poop. it was pretty discustiing but oh well it washed out. it was just grorss.

also another cool thing. we were walking in this field and we found 12 liters of soda. ha ha just in the middle of a field it the package and everything. so we walked it back to the pench and now we have pop for a long time. it was pretty funny.

ha ha somthing that happened with the baptism. we were trying to start the water heater and my comp forgot that the gas was still on so he lit the match and a huge flame flew out of the water heater and hit me in the hand and him in the face. ha ha i dont have hair on my fingers anymore and he is lucky that he still has eyelashes and eyebrows. it was really funny though.

this week starts march madness. it is just a thing the assistant and president are doing to make our goals a little harder and get us to work harder. they are to open the mouth with someone 32 times a day for five days in a row. have 16 new invesitigator lessons in a week. have 8 people in church. and have 4 baptisms. they are really hard but we have all month to work on it. if we dont get it this week we have next week. but we are going to do it. if we do it we get to go the the mission home and watch the life of president hinkcly and have popcorn. i dont know if it sounds fun you but as a missionary it does. the only problem is that transfers are on the 18th and i am pretty sure i will be leaving bermejo i almost have 4 months here. i dont know we will see. oh and in like a little over a week i will have 6 months on the mission. wow. well i love you all so much. talk to you next week

elder smith.

1. Cecilias baptism
2. our church of bermejo
3. elder berezay and i at a statue of the virgin mary and we are sad.
4. our zone after we played football americano and ultimate freesbee

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