Saturday, July 24, 2010

October 19, 2009


Well, that was a sweet story about helping a trunk mexican that got in a fight. Ha ha that is awesome. I hope that when i get home i can help a lot of mexicans. I am kinda sad though. All the slang words that i learn here i cant take it there. I have to learn a lot of new words. But oh well. That is so sad that sister millers mom died so fast. I hope tyler is ok. It still has to be hard. When grandpa hiett died it was hard but the mission does help with that. Sure does build you testimony. There is a new missionary right now that i guess has had a hard life. He is from clevland ohio (speaks like a gangster, which is totally awesome) who is having a hard time. So our whole zone went to his house last night to encourage him. We sang the mission song and we told about experiences he is going to stay. I am so happy he did. He cant go home he will miss to much. I am so greatful for my life. That i have the support of my family and that makes it so much easier. I cant even imagine how it is for them. So i am in my new area of BALLOFFET. It is pretty crazy. I have to learn everything over again. The streets, the members the bishop and everything. Not only that but i am training too with a comp that is learing spanish that doesnt understand anything. It makes it a lot more fun i just come back the house everyday a lot more tired. But that is a good thing. I am just translating a lot and talking a lot more. I got used to having a comp that knows how to speak perfectly and when i am tired i can pass the conversation over to him. But i cant do that now. I have to do everything. But it is helping me, i am praying a lot mroe. Ha ha. My newby or my son or mi hijo his name in elder quebbeman from oregan. He is a lot taller then me and he is a CAPO a stud. He is really trying and is really really smart. I am going to double my knoweledge of everything this transfer. Like for example. Did you know why you could get called to serve in tokoyo japan and speak portugues? Ya i know the answer because he is helping me become more smarter and i am helping him with the languge. He is just speaking in spanish but translating directly from english. You cant do that. You have to think backwards in spanish. But he is doing good. I am a little stressed but that is all part of training. I know live in one of the best houses of the mission. It has two stories and get this, two bathrooms i have never seen that in argetina. Ha ha but it is really good. So i am pretty sure that i am just going to use the same size of garments. Large shirt and 36 bottoms. They still work so i will keep using them. I cant think of anything for christmas right now. So today we might go bowling, it has been banned for about 6 months and president is gong to try it again. We just cant be stupid. We always cant to stuff that is fun because elders do stupid stuff. Well i hope you all have a great week and oh ya emily i got you letter and the picture thanks a lot. Well i will talk to you all next week. Chau les amo mucho.

Elder smith

a little graffiti

a picture with a crazy sister and with elder smith and with my newby elder quebbeman

if you can get it in the box this would be sweet for christmas. i love you all.

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