Friday, July 23, 2010

July 13, 2009

hey family,

hey, well it sounds like everyone had a great week. A lot of hiking, walking and having fun talking in church. Bryce I got your letter. Thanks. I am glad you only fell twice while riding your bike. Ha ha. You keep getting better every year. Ha ha. Bryce getting lost but not really being
lost and eating in the randezvous. Oh man I loved that story. He hasnt changed much. Ha ha. So it sounds like a lot of fun that you are having in the mountains. That is something that sounds really fun right now. To go into the mountains and just relax. But that is not the missionary life. So brenton speaks this Sunday. Wow,that came really quick. When he reports to the mtc I think I will be leaving this area. We have transfers this next Wednesday. I am pretty excited for a new area. I loved santa lucia but I am ready to move on. So we had a pretty good week. We were really tired this week. But we found a really nice old lady. We taught her last week and we went back again on Saturday. We were talking about the book of mormon and joseph smith, I talked about praying to know if it is true and elder alfonso asked her, Graciela, will you pray to know if the book of mormon is true? ha ha and she said no!!! I almost died. She did a pause for a second and said `ya I already know that it is true. Wow did I love that answer. She is awesome. She came to church with us yesterday and we are going to see her tomorrow. We are trying to baptize her this Sunday soI can see her get baptized before I go. It was a really really good week with her. The bad things that happened this week was that we had to drop like 5 investigatores because they werent progressing. It was really sad, I just hope in the future they will want to change.

So today for pday we played ping pong as a zone. It was really fun. I was
winning until this chileno came and started to kill me. He really humbled me. Ha ha. But it was fun. After that we went to some catholic church because they have this big tower to clime up. It is like 150 feet, wewent to the top and we took some picutures it was really cool. Also today I bought a suit. I had like 190 dollars in the house so I just used that. I payed 100 dollars for the suit and I think it is going to be a good suit. It looks pretty good. It should be done on Wednesday so I will take a picutrea and send it next week. Well that was my week. We will do better this week. Well I love you all so much. I am going to send a letter to Bryce in the mail today. I love you all.

Les amo
Elder smith

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