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February 8, 2010

Dear Family,


Well, this week was way fun and it sounds like yours was pretty good too. That is a really cool story of that convert. There is a family in our ward that has a pretty cool story too. The missionaires were just walking down the road and they heard a wistle. They look back and they see a lady and so they go and talk to her. She gives them the address and they go to their house. To this day she still says that she never wistled and just wanted to know what they had to share. The missionaries just heard a random wistle and went and talked to her. They are a way awesome family. We are actually going to eat dinner with them this Thursday so I will send some pictures of them to you.

I can´t believe Cassandra Jennings is married and has a kid. It is so weird to think that people are already married. I just can´t see it. It is pretty crazy. It does seem like yesterday that we went to her Quinceñera or how you spelled it Cinsennera. So i thought that they spent a lot of money on that party, and they did, but the thing is that they had the money to do it. People here they go into debt to have a Quinceñera for their daughters. It is really crazy. Some people have the party and some people give the money to the girl that they would have used for the party. I would have taken the money.

That is cool that bryce got a good grade on his math test. Hurry and get algebra 2 out of the way. ¡Dale Che! Keep on working hard. After seeing all the argentines that dont do good in school i have made up the decision of just doing good in school. It is so worth it.

So this week was a pretty good week. Lets see. We had a really good family home evening with the Castro family. We did an activity called Señor Huevo or Mr. Egg. It is when you talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end. Well you get a hard boiled egg and you draw a face on it and then you talk about some of the things we do bad in this life. Lie, smoke, drink that kind of stuff and you write it on the egg shell. The point of the activity is that the egg needs to make it into a bottle or THE KINGDOM OF GOD. So at first look it seems like the egg will never get in. So you need to have faith. They next thing in that we must repent of the things we did bad. So you take off the shell. Then you have a little dirt on you fingers and you see that they egg still is not clean yet. So what you have to do is baptise it in water. So then you get the egg all clean and what is next. The baptism by fire. You put a little alchohol in the bottle and then put a match in and the egg gets sucked in. Ha ha the family loved it. We made it a little better by putting alcohol in it. It pretty much just shot the egg in. It was awesome. We were getting José ready for his baptism which we had on Saturday. It was a really good baptism. In our ward we have 4 missionaries. The other missionaries had two people get baptized and we had one. We had a really good baptismal service. About 30 people showed up and for argentina that is a lot. I was able to baptise him and it was really a great experiece. He is one of the guys that seemed like he would never get baptized. But five years later after a lot of praying and fasting he finally realized that he wanted to live with him family forever and he knew what he needed to do. Change his life and go to the temple. He is such a good guy. He treats us really well. They are a really poor family and they give us lunches and just want us to feel good in their small humble home. I really do love the Castro family. They have a kid bryces age named Juan. He is hillarious. He is learning english with the elders here. He just writes downs words and phrases and goes and studies them. For not every having a teacher he speaks really well. They are they big family picture that i sent you. José was confirmed a member yesterday by elder deuel. It was really awesome.

This last week we did a lot of service and a lot of blessings. We helped the bishop clean up behing his house. A lot of weeds and failed crops. We found so many creatures. Frogs, slugs, praying mantis, spiders, grasshoppers, lizards and probably more. It was pretty fun. We were all pretty sore afterward and then to top it of the next day we helped a sister move houses. Two days service. It was fun though.

Yesterday we were in the house studying during the siesta and we heard elder chesley scream. By the way elder chesley´s scream is hillarious. So i run in there and he is running aroung swinging a water bottle in the air yelling bat. I see some creature flying in the air. So after that we were all running aroung swinging water bottles at it. Well it finally landing and it wasnt a bat but it was a HUGE MOTH. It was the size of my hand. Ha ha it was so funny. So we trapped it in the trashcan and we are saving it for a missionary who loves bug. We are not quite sure what we are going to do with it. When we find bugs in the house we pour alochol on it and light them on fire. But this moth is huge. We will see what we do. It was so funny.

My mind cant think very well but i think that is pretty much my week. It was really good. We will see what happens when elder deuel leaves. Have a good week.

Mom could you just send this email and the pictures to chad. I dont have time to write a letter to him today. Thanks.

Les quiero mucho.

Elder smith

here are some pictures of the service we did and the baptism.

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