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July 27, 2009

Dear family,

So I had a pretty good week and it sounds like all of you had a really good week too. That stinks that you are not all up in the mouantians still. Thanks for the emails. Bryce I sent you a letter, has it got there yet? So this week was pretty good. But I was pretty mad this last week because I am going to be here for another transfer. In total I WILL BE HERE IN SANTA LUCIA FOR 6 MONTHS. Josh and todd know that that is a long time in one area. But it is ok. I will do good. I really want to baptize in this area again. So I have six more weeks to do it. So my new comp in elder snow from Idaho. lets just say he is a little werid and that josh would have a hard time with him. He has about 9 months in the mission but he still is struggling pretty bad with the language. But we are working on it we are only speaking in Spanish and the members will help him too. But we are going to have a good transfer. Elder alfonso went to Mendoza and so ya I will be here more time.
So to welcome elder snow into the ward there were our ward mission lider, juan Pablo and another kid I dont know his name. they wanted to pull a joke on him. So they told me to take him to the house of juan Pablo and to just play a long. So I did. I thought it could be funny. So we went and Isaac our ward mission leader told elder snow that juan Pablo is a less active member that has been drinking. And we need to help him with the word of wisdom. So we started talking to us and he put on some movie video that just talks bad about president bush so we were a little uncomfortable so we started talking and he gave us some deseret that was ice cubes with tooth picks in it. Just to be werid. Then another guy came in and started yelling. He said that juan Pablo stole his soccer ball and that he had a game in an hour. He said I dont have your ball. I gave it to elder alfonso(my old comp) so he asked me where it was at. I said that I had no idea. So juan Pablo said, hey elder snow you took the spot of elder alfonso so you have to fix the problem. You either had to buy a ball or do something. the other guy got mad and took out a knife. He yelled give me something or I am not leaving. so juan Pablo told elder snow to give him his shoes. Ha ha so elder snow took off him shoes and we left walking down the road elder snow was only in his socks. Then they all came out and said in English it was a joke, come back ha ha it was really funny, but I think elder snow got mad. But he is laughing about it right now. But that night president lindahl called us to see how we were and elder snow told him about it. I almost peed me pants. I thought president was going to get mad. But he didnt. It was really funny and it was the first timethat I have done something like that so I dont feel too bad. But it was pretty fun.

So Tuesday I was walking while looking at my agenda and I stepped on something soft. I looked back and I STEPPED ON A DEAD CAT!!!!!!! Ha ha it was pretty gross but really funny too. The first time I have done that. But there are dead cats and dogs all over the place it looks like mcnary. So this last week has been really really cold. In Mendoza it snowed a lot and in san juan it almost snowed. That would have been cool. But when I was waiting for my companion in the bus terminal I was all by myself. (which was weird) and I was just sitting there freezing because it doesnt have heaters. But I will survive. We talked with 140 people in the street again. Yesterday at like 8 we still needed 25 so I talked with like 6 people in the bus and then we talked to everything that passed by. Girls that are like 15 years old that only stopped because we are two gringos walking around in argentina. But it was really good. They atl east listened to us. Ha ha it was pretty fun. But we are had a great week and we are going to have a great transfer.

Hey jenna ha ha I liked your dream. I am pretty sure that the church doesnt let us go home. That would be hard. To get focused and everything again, but it would be nice. Buy ya I almost have 11 months in the mission. When this transfer ends I will almost have a year. Crazy!!!!!!! That is so sad about the parents of logan. But that is crazy that he is already home. That went really fast. Tht is really cool. Tell him hi for me.

So that is about all the happened. Have a good week and be safe. I love you all. Les amo mucho y les quiero mucho. Chau chau.

Elder Smith

here are some pictures,
1. elder snow and i
2 and 3. i tried on elder alfonsos pants, before the mission he weighed 140 so you can see that they are small, but i got in them
4. this is my district. elder knight, elder berezay, and alfonso
5. the cake mix you sent. wow it was good.
6. bad picture but us and our ward mission leader isaac chacón

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