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January 26, 2009

Dear Famiy,

Well i hope everyone is doing good that was kinda scary to hear about mac. I sure hope he is ok trust me we will be praying for him this week in my personal prayers and companion prayers. That is so scary, and then todd getting in a crash, whats going on. Ha ha crazy crazy crazy. Well atleast everyone is alive that is the good thing. So i think the shirts that i have are called stratford shirts. I really like them too. They have been working really good. But they are really nice and not to thick too. Thats so cool that justin went through the temple. Wow that doesnt seem that long ago but it really was a long time ago. Ha ha in june. 7 months ago i think. Wow time actually does go by fast in the mission. This next transfer i hit my 6 month mark. Wow. I think the address that i put on the letter is the better address. Becuase i took it right off the paper i have with the mission address on it. But who knows. I dont. That would be really nice to get something from me for brittany because elder morgan sent a package that weighed a half a kilo and it was 40 pesos. Expensive. But i am still going to do a little somthing for her with what i can. I havent even seen anything here that would be worth getting that couldnt be bought in the status. But i am always looking. Oh about your lesson. Ya it is hard to teach kids and make then realize the importance of the gospel. But we have a conversation with a guy saying he had the holy ghost. But the people are wrong. They can feel the holy ghost but they cant have it with them as a constant companion until they are baptized and confirmed. And then you have the gift of the holy ghost. And it is so important. I know it is hard to get it into their heads but all we can do is try. Oh and with chase judd is he is presidents secretary it either means that he will be traviling with the president or he works in the offices. It is good i guess he will be with the president more and if his president is like mine it is good. Ya today i will try to write weston a letter. That is sad i just realizad that me justin and brady will be gone. Man that is sad. Ya i will write him. So all i have heard this last week was ohbama obahma everywhere i went. One guy always says oohh the people of obahma. Ha ha but it is annoying. I start telling people i am from canada it is a lot easier. Ha ha. Oh and someone sent me a christmas card and with 5 dollars but i have no idea who they are. Who are the seiters???? So this week i did divisions with the zone leaders and i was with elder morgan. We had so much fun he is so funny. We messed with the little kids and just had a lot of fun. I also did divisions with lavalle and i was with elder Villalba. He is from paraguay. We were walkng down the road and theri was a store called Arizona. So i bought a water from him and asked who has been to Arizona. It was a kid who has about 25 years and he finished school at dobson hight school. It was wierd but cool too. So a bishop came to our pench to spray for bugs and didnt give us back the key but he gave it to elder berezay who we live with and we say elder berezay in the street and he said oh i lift the key on the front porch. But there is a note on the door saying where it is. I freaked out!!!! I was so glad my camera wasnt in there. Ha ha but they thing he said next brought me comfort. He said, oh it is ok i wrote it in english no will understand. Ha ha and it is true no one understands. Ha ha.

So ya on Saturday we had the baptism. And we were filling up the font. And i said esta agua es para limpiar el pezcado. After i said this my comp looked at me funny and then i thought i little bit. I sait this water is for cleaning fish. I wanted to say this water is for cleaning sin. Sin is pecado and fish is pezcado. Ha ah. Ya i felt stupid. Bu the baptism went really good. I was able to baptise him. His name is facundo Alarcón. It was really nice. A really good experience and we are also planning on two baptisms next week. The brother of facundo and a girl named belén. We are going to work hard for them both.

I will send some pictures. But i love you all so much i hope mac is better. Be safe i love you.

Elder smith


1. this word means a lot of waters. our name of our district.
2. our celebration coke. yum!!!!!!
3. this is the baptism photo. facunda has nine years.
4. waiting for the baptismal font

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