Saturday, July 24, 2010

March 8, 2010

Hey Family,

That is so funny that grandma and sister eaves were security guards. i can only imagine. i bet they had their sunglasses on too. mom, you are lucky. i cant believe your car has not been stolen yet. good thing it wasnt your truck. that is kind of retarded that the cop from tempe couldnt do anything. but you should all be greatful. the cops do a lot more in the states then here. actually last saturday night they had a protest here wanting the police to do more. it was really cool actually. we were walking home and all of a sudden the plaza was filled with people with signs saying we want more safety. there was a ton of people. all the people in cars were honking their horns and elder mendoza and i just walked right past it. it was sweet.
ya, this week was an awesome week. we had zone conference on monday and it was really good and then we had pday in san luis. so we missed two full days with out working. but that didnt stop villa mercedes from having a good week. right now in the mission we are having competition. it is called march maddness. it is all based on averages from the zone. so last week we lost by 15 points. it was really close. that kind of made us a little upset. so we worked our butts off this week. not only did we work hard but the Lord also blessed us a lot. we had an awesome week as a zone. we are only a zone of 5 companions. we had 15 in church and 7 with baptismal dates. and all the other numbers were really good too. when i called the assistants last night and gave them our numbers they told us how much we scored. we totally blew the other zone out of the water. we more then doubled their points and now villa mercedes has the highest points in the mission in one week. we were really blessed. it just comes to show, if you do what you are supposed to do you are blessed. the whole zone worked hard and God saw it and he blessed us with a lot of people in church that accepted a baptismal date. it was awesome. we are going to finish off strong next week too. our goal for march was 7 baptisms but it looks like we are going to break it this month. that is a good thing. i love this zone.
right now elder mendoza and i are teaching a lot of people. we have a lot that are looking good for the month of march. we are going to baptize the aunt of a recent convert and maybe the other aunt and the grandma. also we have a baptism this weekend. Enzo is getting baptized. we are really blessed with all the stuff that is happening.
Here in villa mercedes it was cooling down. i was having to use my blanket almost every night. but all of a sudden it has been so hot. hot and humid with no wind. to top it off, we have no fan and no ac(of course). last night at about 1230 i woke up and got my face and me arms and legs wet to help cool me off. it worked for like 10 minutes. i did it again and at 130 i was awake again burning up. so i just took by mattress outside and slept on the balcony because it was a little cooler outside. oh it was miseriable. i just cant wait for it to be a little bit cooler. it is just miserable.
that is so crazy that chase goes home in one month. i can remeber when he left. it seems like yesterday. i guess it makes sense though. i am going to turn 18 months this week. it is crazy.
well i better get going. i have to still shop and do my laundry. i hope you all have a great week. i love you all. be safe and i will write next week. les quiero mucho. chao chao
elder smith

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