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November 23, 2009

Querida Familia Mía,

Hey family. Well it sounds crazy at home. But that is really good that the store is doing well. That is a lot of money in one day at the store. A lot. To answer your question for thanksgiving. We have no plans for right now. They dont celebrate it here. Last year for thanksgiving i spent it in a house of an investigator and we ate fish and beans. So not quite like a nice big turkey dinner. This year all i know is that we eat lunch with a family on Thursday that cooks really good and also on Friday. So we should be good with that, but it just wont be like a good old tastey turkey dinner.

That is so weird that jessica fox is married. It still doesn´t seem right that people i was going to school with should be getting married yet. That is really sad for brother and sister fox that they are a lone now. That has to be nice but then pretty boring too. I havent heard from justin in a long time, i wonder how he is doing. Hopefully good. He is one little white kid in that big area. Ha ha. Yesterday we were finishing eating lunch in the pench (house) and we were talking with the elders from our house. Elder Wells a.k.a. Diego, Elder Aparcana a.k.a. potatoe bug from the bugs life, elder quebbeman a.k.a. Negatron and me. Just about a lot of things. Transfers that we are going to have and everything. We have an elder from peru. His name is elder aparcana. He always laughs at my newby becuase he is just so gringo. He said that me and elder wells are gringos but he is way way way way gringo. It was a lot more funny becuase he didnt understand it and had just a lost face on. It was pretty funny. I am just glad i dont look too gringo. I want to look more latin. I just have to work on the accent and i got it in the bag with the skin color.

I am not going to lie, that is pretty weird about the page dewight and dan porter. I am pretty sure he was in brittany´s ward and i think he went to school with brady weston and annie. But they have 23 years in diference. That is just not right. Just hope they are happy. That is pretty cool that bryce talked it church yesterday. Ha ha i like how he said that from the pulpit. I also talked yesterday in church. It was the first time in my life that i had to be the last person to speak in a sacrament meeting. Well no i had to do it for my farewell but they guy only gave me ten minutes. Yesterday i had like 20 minutes to fill up. I was pretty scared but i did ok i think. They wanted me to talk about missionary work but instead of talking about working with members and talking with your friends like all missionaries say when they talk, i talked about how we can become more christlike and be missionaries that way. I talked about how if we are more christlike the people will be able to see in our faces that we are diferent. They first thing that preach my gospel talks about on how you can teach better and be a better missionary is by developing chirstlike attributes. So that is what i talked about. Developing christlike attributes to help in missionary work. I think it went ok.

That really does stink that they are trying so hard not to have the temple there. I mean we would be the best neighbors. We dont make any noise. We go in nice clothes. And it is a really pretty building. Satan is just working hard i quess. I will keep that in my prayers along with maquito (little mac). I hope he feels better. That is sad. Well i got to see all the pictures from last week but the video still no. Elder quebbeman saw something in mac. Every picture his eyes are wide open. WIDE OPEN. Ha ha. He looks happy, so that is good. elder quebbeman a.k.a. Negatron wants to know if he blinks

Elder quebbeman is feeling better now so that is good. We worked a regular week this week. We just still arent sure if we are getting split up this transfer. We havent gotten the news from the assistants. But if we stick together we will work hard. We actually had a really good week. We started off the week by going to a place called La Isla. I went with elder wells to talk with her. She got a book of mormon from someone about ten years ago and read a little bit of it. Then about two months ago a member started giving her the ensign. So we went to her house and we got to know her. We talked about what she knows and she has read the book of mormon now for a while. She read the whole introduction and all the way up to Mosiah 13. so she is just awesome. Her name is Mariela Carrasco de Garro. We taught the first lesson and was such a nice lesson. It was a long lesson because she was just eating it up. She is going to pray and ask if the church is the only true church of god and she said she would. The think is that she already loves the book of mormon and has actually read more of the book of mormon then the bible. To tell you the truth most people here that are catholics have never read the bible in their life. That is why they think that it is ok to worship the virgin mary. But anyways i think she is finding some things that are wrong in her church. We have a lesson with her today so i am way excited. But here is the best part. We were finishing up talking about the church and we asked her if she wanted to go to church this week. And she just starting crying. The spirit was so strong me and elder wells got all teary eyed and waited for her response. She didnt know she could go to chruch. She thought we were like Jehovas Witness and we have to study a lot to go to church first. She really wants to go to church and this week she will. I am so excited for her.

Also on Tuesday we had a family night with a less active member. We ate tacos ( not spicy) and played a game. It was pretty nice. Also we had a really good week with other investigatores. We are teacing a little family Norma, Esteban and Fransisco. We set a baptismal date with norma and fransisco but i just dont know what happend they didnt come to church. I called them Saturday night and they just didnt show up. We went to their house and everything. It made me kind of sad. But they will go next week. We will set the bapstimal date again. Also we set a baptismal date with a lady named Pilar. She could go this week either. But a family that we are teacing excepted a baptismal date and went to church. Patricia, Luciano, Matias and Kevin (but is 6). So they went to church and liked it. So that is really good. We are having their baptism the 12th or the 17th. We are looking at i think having like maybe like 8 baptisms in a transfer. I am so excited. We had to work really hard but we are seeing the blessings and the miracles. I am really excited for next transfer. Well that is what happened this week. Well i love you all.

Elder smith

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