Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hey family,

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!

Well we had a good 4th of July here too. We didn´t do anything diferent but it was nice. We live with a porteño (a person from Buenos Aires). Well not a lot of people like them. They are known to be really prideful and think they are better than us. Well anyways, to make him mad we listened to all patriotic songs. It was pretty funny. I quess it is what we can do in the mission to have fun.

So it sounds like it was a good week for a lot of people. That is so sweet that Gary Whitting works at Lehi Valley. I sure hope he is working there when I get home. Tell him that I say hi. It would be nice. Tell everone in Lehi Valley that I say hi. Tell the mexicans there that they have to cook me some mexican food when I get home. I am with Elder Vazquez right now and we are always talking about mexican food. Haha. He is teaching me some more food. Too bad that we can´t find the ingredients here.

That is pretty sweet and scary that a bear killed a cow. I sure hope they catch it soon. I can´t imagine how nice it is up there right now. It isn´t hot but I have not seen rain in a while. It never rains in San Juan. But I still love it. So I imagine the 4th of July was pretty fun. It has to be more fun with all the little kids out there. I hope mac and everyone got a lot of candy. Did you take picutres? If you did send me them. I have not seen a picture of Marks new baby yet. Thanks. Oh before I forget, did you send me another package? The office told me that I had another package. I was just wondering if it was from you.

I am glad that you had a gook birthday. Sounds like mac is a bunch of fun too. I am still thinking of a nickname for him. I have to think of something really good for him.

So you talked with Elder Deuel, well Jordan now. That is cool. He is a really good guy, I am glad I was with him. It was really nice.

Hey Bryce what ever happened of sending me pictures of you and your friends. Send me them.

So I was looking through my pictures with Elder Vazquez and he saw Derron and he said he thinks he looks mexican. I don´t see it at all but I thought it was funny. They also all say that Dad looks Argentine. I dont know maybe it is just because I am used to seeing them all the time but they all see it. So chad is doing good I assume. He is getting married in like a month. That is so weird. I still can´t believe it. Bryce do you know her?

Alright so a little about the week that we had. We had a really good week. We baptized yesterday so that made for a really good 4th of July. Her name is Nancy Morales. We are slowly finishing a family out there in Zonda. The mom and now 3 kids are baptized. We are working with the dad and two more daughters. One of the daughters is getting baptized in two weeks (Vanesa Morales) and the others are a little harder. They know it is true but they just don´t want to stop smoking. She dosnt know who we are. We are going to help her get rid of that trash.

We are teaching a couple more people too. We are having for sure 3 baptisms on the 17th maybe five. There is another family that is looking really good. The family that her husband was beating her. She is really excited about chuch and of the only members there is friends with her. We just have to work hard with them. We were walking down the street and some lady stopped us and asked us if we spoke english. We said yes and she wants us to help her husband with english. well we went there on saturday. They live in a really poor neighborhood. All the houses are made of mud bricks. There was only one house that had windows on it. But the impotant thing was that almost every house had a dish satalite. I was just so amazed. They don´t have windows but they have satalite tv. Priorities. But they are all really cool. Hopefully they progress.

So saturday was a really sad day in argentina. THEY LOST AGAINST GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not going to lie, it was really sad. Germany trashed them. The family we were with were so angry and their daughter cried. It was hard not to laugh. It is so much more than a game here. We were with elder morera who is from San Nicolás. He didn´t talk for like an hour and a half. It was so funny. There was no one in the streets and everyone was mad. We had to leave and do an interview and everyone thought that elder jones and i were from germany. I actually felt scared. they would kill me if i was german. Good thing Zonda is a really calm place. I sure hope that Spain or uruguay wins. Anyone except germany.

Today we had pday in the afternoon. We played a lot of soccer I am so tired. I can barely stay awake.
But I am glad everyone had a good week. I love you all. Write you all next week.

Elder Smith

some pictues and some of the sad argentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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