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December 7, 2009

Hola Familia Mía,

¿Cómo están? Todo bien, espero que sí. Hey family, how are you all? Well it sounds like everyone had a pretty good week. Full of busy christmas shoppers at the store, getting cars towed away from ihop parking lots and fruitless elk trips, rainy days, Cardinal games and 1 year old birthday parties (by the way, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MAQUITO(little mac)). I am not going to lie, that is really funny that emily and josh got their car towed away. Can you so bad luck? So the arizona weather sounds amazing. Actually here it is pretty good too, it started Saturday night to get a little stormy and it was raining Sunday morning and all morning today. It cooled way off, i had to sleep with my comforter last night (which i am so greatful that i brought). One question really quickly, with my comforter and blanket and winter clothing. When it is done with next winter do you want me to bring to stuff home or sell it to some missionary here and i can use the money for argentine memories. Just let me know what you think. But it has been reallly good here. We had zone conference and it rained the whole time. Which is nice because now the argentines will stop complaining about there not being any rain. YAY. That is really great that the store is so busy. What a big blessing. I really dont even feel like christmas is around the corner. No one has lights, decorations, songs or even the christmas spirit except the missionaries. Enjoy it!!!! That is really sad that they didnt see any elk. People love seeing the picture of my elk here. They either love it or they freak out about it. It is really fun. So mac is already a year old. Time goes by really fast, because i really never have met him it is hard to keep tract of the little squirt. I have been telling people he had only 10 months becuase it just slipt my mind that we are already in December. But now i feel really stupid because i have been telling people that he is ten months old for like 3 months now. I should know how to count better. That is sad he didnt eat his cake but oh well he has a lot more years to eat cake.

Well a little about our awesome, stressful week. We have a ton of people we are teaching right now. The people that had a baptismal date and dont know what happened. We could not get a hold of them Saturday and Sunday morning. It was really sad that they didnt come to church. But we had Esteban, Norman and Francisco go to church. It was awesome. It was fast and testimony meeting, which is always scary. You never know if some member is going to say something about plural marriage, word of wisdom that we still havent taught or tithing or Kolob. So i was pretty scared it that meeting and something that i didnt think going wrong, went wrong. Well the meeting was amazing. Great testimonies awesome spirit and then a girl named Meline Cid got up to bear her testimony. 18 year old girl that crys or better word SOBS when she gives her testimony. Personaly i didnt understand anything she said. Well Norma did not like that they cried. She asked me during it, ¨why do they cry?¨ i tried explaining but she didnt get it. She then said ¨No me gusta!¨ ¨I dont like it!¨ my heart really did drop. We went into another room after sacrament and tried to talk. She said, ¨you both have been teaching me that this church was a church that i would come and feel peace and i will be relaxed. Well i dont feel that if people are crying up there.¨ elder quebbeman and i tried explaining it but she had it stuck into her head that it was a horrible thing. Even her husband tried explaining it (which in all reality i think he just loves the church along with the kid). But she really just needs to come next week and see another meeting. I will just keep praying for her and hoping for the best.

Elder Quebbeman and i are having a lot better time. We joke around more and he is talking better. He is teaching me how to take care of money better, which i am liking and i am teaching him how to be more positive, optomistic and just a wonderful person like it am. Ha ha. Today we had zone confernce and it was really really good. The Hermana Lindahl´s talk was so good. She is such an amazing person. She drops cane a lot or she gets mad a lot, but it is to just help us. President then talked to us and man it was just awesome. He talked about i think Alma 12 when Amulek it teaching and when he brought the spirit Alma takes over and just knocks Zeezrom down with his testimony. It was really good. We talked a lot about companions and how we can do miracles. It was really really awesome.

I got the packages. I had to pay like 80 dollars to get them. I cant lie to you. I am a horrible person. Well i justifed my reasoning on why it was a good reason to open my present before chritmas. Reason number one, i am a really curious person. Reason number two, i could use the stuff this transfer with my companion(because the transfer ends right after christmas) and i could use the stuff for my district ( i am district leader of 4 sister missionaries, fun ). Reason three, it doesnt feel like christmas here so i figured today felt more like chritmas with zone confernce and reason number four, well i am just a curious person. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PRESENT!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWEOMSE!!!!! The Risk, all the candy, ranch, syrup, MATTAS HOT SAUCE, the mattas shirt, the ensign (we still didnt recieve it here thanks), the George Strait card. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA AND GRANDPA. All the stuff we amazing. The cards of arizona, the pants the ties the shirts right in time for summer. It was amazing. Thank you so much. All anyone in the house said was that my family really loves me. And i already knew that was true but thank you all so much. It was really aweomse. Everyone in the whole zone is so excited for RISK. I will use it for a long time. Really i loved it. Thank you all so much.

I hope everyone has an awesome week. And again thank you so much mom grandma and grandpa. I love you all. Les quiero muchísimo. Lo que usted hacen para mi realmente me ayuda ser mas feliz y trabajar más duro. No sé como sería mi misión sin ustedes. Yo sé que soy muy bendecido. Les amo. Tengan una semana muy buena. Chau chau,

Elder Blake Smith

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