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May 18, 2009


WOW BRADY IS HOME. That is so weird. Ha ha and i can totally see brady following around brenner all the time becuase we have a returned missionary in our ward and he always is following us around. it is like they have no idea what to do or to say. I hope i am not like that when i go home. But i still have a lot of time to wait for that. That is really werid to that brett and britan are going to be graduating and that brenton went through the temple. It is so weird. That i cant see all of this happening. Wow. But it is really exciting too. Bryce will be doing his eagle project and everything. I sure hope that all goes well too in white river. There are some areas here in argentina that are really similar to white river. Just be careful. Nothing will happen. You need to send me a picutre of brady when he got home i want to see what he looks like. He should look a lot different. Oh by the way i weighd myself today and i weigh 86 kilos which is like 190. so forty pounds in the mission and tommorrow we are going to start running in the plaza for excersice. i hope, it is pretty cold in the morning. But i want to start running, it should be good for me. And a little bit easier right now with forty less pounds.

So i am pretty sure for my birthday here we wont be doing anything becuase i am pretty sure there will not be any buses on Monday. So we will probably sleep in the house. Oh does that sound good. Really i love sleeping now. P days are awesome for that reason. Eight hours just is not enough. But we are also having a party with the ward. So i think we will go to that. It should be fun. I hope. It is a talent show. I really want to see some of these argentines talents. So this week we went to a sisters house and she had some other girl in there too. I guess this girl is living with her and she is interested in the church. So ya, we jumped right on it and started teaching. She loved it. I really think she is going to progress and i am way excited for her. She is about 23 and her name is karen. And her boyfriend is in love with dragon ball z. He is twenty years old and he wathces it all day. And to top it all off my companion loves it to and he is 22. ah people from south american. My compaion cant figure out why i dont like it. Oh well.

Yesterday in church was a mess. The bishop is out of town and his counselors could handle it. We started a half hour late and it was just a mess. You cant even imagine. I really thought we were going to have investigators there but i think it is better that we didnt. Oh well, the bishop will be back this week. So i am excited for that.

Today we played football and i really think i am getting better. I still stink, but i am getting better. The latins are just too good. I dont get how they do it. To pick teams the gringos are the captins so it is one gringo per team. It is kind of sad but all of the gringos just can not play. It is really pathetic. After football we went to walmart for the fist time in argentina. It is really nice. The only problem is that we only shop for food and all the other grocery stores have food. They only good thing about walmart would be the electronics and all that cool stuff. Oh and one thing i liked was that it was CLEAN. The cleanest place i think i have been in in argentina. It was really clean. But it is like 45 minutes in a bus and it has the same things as the store close to me, but it was a good experiecne.

This week we are going to be really busy. We have a lot of member references and we are working a lot with inactive members. So i hope this week is a little better. It should be. I love you all hope you have a good, safe week. Les amo mucho y que esten bien.

Elder smith

here are some pictuers.
1. me and walmart
2. me at my desk with cold hands.
3. my companion, elder alfonso

1. us in our nice big jackets
2. 750 pesos and my companion
3. me and elder alfonso at our desks.

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