Saturday, July 24, 2010

September 7, 2009

Dear Family,


That is really cool that brett is going to brazil. I was so hoping that he was going to go to a Spanish speaking mission, but hey what can I do. Knowing Spanish it is kinda easy to hear what people are saying in Portuguese. But that is so cool, he is going to love it. He is going to be really hot too. I am so happy I am in a dry climate. I would die in humidity. But that is really cool I am so excited for him. I wont see him for over 3 years then. That is kinda sad. When he goes into the mtc I will have 16 months in the mission. Crazy huh??? How is brenton doing in the mtc??? When does he go to finland. He should be leaving soon. I am excited to here about there stories. It was really sad to leave santa lucia. Even though I was ready, six months of my life I spent there. It was hard to say goodbye to some members and especially to juana, delimen and raul. I will miss them all a lot. They are awesome. Also I will miss my good friend, Isaac chacon. Our ward mission leader. We had a lot of fun with him. But I am also excited for my new area. So ya I am here in san Rafael barrio(ward) ll. I like it a lot. Elder hinojosa is a really cool elder. He is really innocent which is good. He is way funny. Ha ha he even sleeps with a little tucan bird. Either I have gotten used to weird stuff with elder snow or It is just that he is so innocent I don’t think it is weird. I lied to you last week. He is from lima, peru. He is number 3 in a family of 7. He has one brother in Colombia right now in the mission. He is way cool, he is going to help me a lot with the language and he has a lot of faith. He has only 3 months in the mission and hasn’t had a baptism yet. We are going to work hard so that he can have a baptism. We have a family that we are working with right now but they are a little flojos(lazy) with the things that we leave them. They have to get married to I think. So we are going to work with them. They have been to church once already but didn’t go yesterday. We still don’t know why yet. We will see. My house is pretty good. I live on the street Buenos Aires 866. We live with 2 other elders. One elder medina and his newby elder cabranes. So I live with 3 latins. It is pretty fun. But elder cabranes knows English. But we speak in Spanish anyways. So I am not going to be speaking a lot of English this transfer. We have a pretty good house. It is just old that’s it. We live behind someones house. They are not members and it is really sad. But they are the nicest people that I have every met. They are amazing. My are has a little bit of down town san Rafael so we have a lot of stores. Temptations to buy things. But I wont. I don’t need too. I guesss san Rafael is way pretty in summer so I am really excited for that. The people here is san Rafael aren’t as nice as the people in san juan but hey I just have to get used to it I guess. Today we played soccer and had an ASADO which is just a lot of grilled meat. It was really really really good. Ha ha. I love meat now. Thanks argentina. Ha ha. I had a ton of fun playing soccer I am getting a little better but still stink a little. I will keep trying. So that was pretty much my week. It was pretty fun, and a little stressful. Oh well I will keep trying. I think we are going to cook meat on my year mark. Ha ha. Well I love you all a lot chau chau.
Ps. Bryce we have a really funny toilet. I will take a picture and send it to you and you will see. It is actually really gross. But hey I will send it anyways. Ha ha.

1. the zome san juan
2. the bishop chacón family
3. me and a dog
4. elder snow, smith and i
5 elder hinojosa and i.

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