Saturday, July 24, 2010

April 26, 2010

Hey family,

Well it sounded like everyone has had a really good week. Bryce going to watch a whole bunch of girls playing volleyball. Que capo. What a stud. Ha ha. So bryce is getting good grades. That is sweet. Keep it up. I wish i would have done that too. So the gila valley temple is already done? That was way fast. What is the news on the new temple in phoenix?? Is it started yet? I sure hope so. Speaking of phoenix. Our last convert rosario she is taking a nursing program and she has to learn a little bit of english. It is horrible how they teach englsih here. Well anyways, you have to read a piece of paper and then answer some questions. Well she handed me that paper and it is of university of phoenix online. Ha ha. How weird is that. That an argentine is using it to learn english. It was just weird to see that is was here in villa mercedes. Ya so i am going to turn 21 in one month. That is crazy!!!! I cant believe it. I am so old. I never thought i would be that old. When people ask how old i am i still have the habbit of saying 19. i am going to have to start saying 21 now. So before i forget. Oh something horrible happened. I was in a gas station using a computer sending some pictures to the mission office. I got done sending the pictures and we left. Well two hours later i realized that i didnt have my memory card. I felt so bad and we took a taxi and went to go look for it. We went back and it was gone. No one turned it in or anything, they just stole it. I felt so bad. Good thing it was the memory card with the least amout of pictures but still i feel horrible. I am going to talk to my companions and ask them for the pictures that we took together but still it is not the same. I felt so stupid for leaving it there. But anyways, i need to buy a new memory card and a new usb port thing. I just dont have enough money in my card. I think i have like 130 pesos. If you could put some money in there for me. Also i have been thinking that i need to start buying souvenirs (i dont know how to spell it, recuerdos in spanish.) if i have money in my savings account just use that. A dollar is almost 4 pesos right now so i wont need that much. I also need to buy a sweater. It is a lot colder here than it was in san juan. Also if there is anything that any of you want you just have to tell me. I have some ideas for stuff that i want to bring home. I want to get all you a mate cup. Which is the most argentine stuff there is. But anyways just let me know what you think and if you cant send money thats ok too.

So you are all getting ready to go camping. Sounds like fun. I cant believe it is already time to go camping. I was in san juan when you were camping. Wow that is already one year ago. Time is going by really fast. Really fast. Will this be the first time that you will use the new trailer? That should be fun.

I didnt really get that little part of aunt katie with the lady from the airport. Just let me know.

So garret is doing good with his new future wife. I want to see a picutre. That will be cool to meet here when i get home. I have a lot of people to speak spanish with, that is a good thing. I dont ever want to lose it. So what is up with brenton and volcano ash??? That sounds pretty cool. He is having volcano problems and and our mission is preparing for earthquakes. We are getting ready if anything happens. Hope not but we need to get ready.

We had a really good week this past week. There were a lot of special transfers this week. I feel sorry for president lindahl. He has to work really hard. Well anyways we had someone leave our zone and a missionary come in. And now we are getting used to things again. Elder quebbeman came to live with me again. I have already lived with him for 3 months and now i think i will live with his for another 2. that is a long time to live with him. We are thinking about getting a new apartment. Hopefully everything will work out well. We are so far from our area. We have to walk a lot. We are like 50 minutes from our chapel walking. So if everything works out we should be moving within a few weeks. It is a lot nicer too. A lot safer also. It has bars on every window. I feel like i am in jail in argetina. It is actually pretty funny. Every house has bars and so if someone is in their house and another person took their keys they are locked in their house. We always get that. We knock a door and the cant let us in becuase they cant open the door. Good thing their houses are made of cement and brinks because if it wasnt and their was a fire they would die. But anyways it is a nice apartment.

We are activating a family right now. Their are the Valle family. They are looking really good. They went to church yesterday and had an interview with the bishop. Everything is looking good for him to baptize his ten year old on the 8th of may. Elder mendoza and i are looking for a good month of may. We are teaching some really good people. We just have to keep helping them out. He is going to come play soccer with us for p day.

The san luis zone came in today to play soccer so we are pretty excited. Well that is about all that happened. I sure do love all of you. That church is so true. Les queiro mucho.

Elder smith

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