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April 27, 2009

Dear Family,

Well first of all to let you all know i already know about transfers and i am staying here in santa lucía. Ha ha Sunday in the night the assistants or president call the elders that will be training, are moving up to senior companion, district leader or zone leaders. So Sunday nights everyone is a little nervous. I was just laying in my bed and the phone rang and it was president. He told me that i am senior comp and that my new companion is elder alfonso. Ha ha so ya i am senior companion and he will be my third latin companion. He is from paraguay and this is his third transfer. So i am pretty excited. Elder cubilla is going to my old zone in guaymallén. He is pretty excieted but his new companion doesnt know spanish at all so he is a little nervous becuase he doesnt know english at all. I am pretty excited for this next transfer. Elder berezay is coming here to san juan to be zone leader, he is one of my favorite elders in the mission and also elder chase and morgan from the mtc are coming to san juan. As for my area i am really excited too. We have pablo and his family and this Sunday 3 members told us they have really good references for us. The have 4 references so i sure hope atleast two of them progress. Also the bishops son comes home from his mission in 4 days so we will have a new ward mission leader which we really need. Our ward mission leader doesnt do a thing. So i am pretty excited for that. The ward needs a lot of help. I dont know how it is a ward. I dont think we meet the requirements for a ward right now, there are a lot of inactive people. I dont know if it is the same in our ward at home but are there a lot of inactive people? There is a ton here, a ton. Also how many people assist in our ward at home, everyone here asks me and i have no idea?

This week was a pretty hard week. We worked hard and didnt have a very sucesfull week. I am excited to have elder alfonso becuase elder cubilla alread has like 4 and half months in this area and has worked a lot of it. So with me and elder alfonso we can work a lot more of the area becuase there is a lot that i still havent worked. I am pretty excited for that. But ha ha we went to teach pablo this last week and too hermano monzon. Ha ha we asked him how keeping the sabath day holy has helped him in his life and he went off for almost 40 minutes talking about every other thing about the church. I am not going to lie. It was pretty boring. Ha ha i hope it helped pablo. We had a good chat with the father of pablo. He keeps attacking us with questions from the bible. I am not going to lie. I dont understand a lot of the stuff in the bible and he always finds really weird stuff in the bible to see if we can answer the question. It really makes me mad when people do it just to try to catch us off guard but i think this time it actually helped us. I think pablo saw that his dad is asking questions that dont even having anything to do with the book of mormon to try to confuse us. I think pablo has more confidence in us, like we are just two yound kids that know this is true and want you to know it is true also. I wish people would just understand that. We dont get paid for what we do, we just want to talk to you and bless there lives. A lot of people just dont get that. Oh well what can i do. Well for this week that is about all that has happened. Not much. Next week will be better i will have a new companion and everything.

About my garments, i like the like 85% 15% shirt top large. I still want to large top they should be fine and the bottoms were the 50%50% boxer briefs kind. I think they are 38 we can try 36 i think. I really dont know how they will fit but we can see. Ha ha how did bryce break the front window? Ha ha i am thinking about that. Plastic for a window. If that happened here in argentina the people would fread, one thing we dont have bars on our windows at home. If you dont have bars you are sure going to get robbed here. Ha ha. And mom sorry about the truck. Dont worry about it though it happens to everyone. Thatss so weird that jenna and todd are going to be in there own house. Big house. Ha ha. Ya bryce you need to tell me about these new games and about your eagle projcect. I am glad i wasnt home to smell your cast. I can only imagine. It probably smells better then some of the appartments in this zone ha ha. Grandma told me about the stuff that benton needs for his mission. Ha ha i am glad i am here. It sounds a little too cold for me. I am glad i will be in san juan for the winter where is dosnt get to cold. Ha ha. Well i hope everyone has a good week. I love you all so much.

Elder smith

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