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July 12, 2010

Hey family,

Wow a lot of stuff happened this week. It is pretty crazy. I also heard but I am not sure if it is true, i heard that there was a huricane in Texas this last week. I just heard it from one member though. Who knows if it is true. That is really sad about Josh´s brother. I sure hope he is ok. Helmets were made for a good reason. That is really scary too. I can´t even imagine how bad that would hurt and how scary that would be. I hope he will be ok. That is sad about your uncle and the guy from Lehi 9th ward. It is crazy how life is just so fragile. The good thing is that he was faithful until the end. Going to the church to help set up the chairs. The last step of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, endure to the end. One of the hardest but the most important. How blessed are we to have the blessings of the Gospel to help us in those kind of times. The Plan of Salvation is an awesome thing. That has to be pretty hard on their grandson that is serving right now too. I rember when grandpa Hiett died, my like third day of the MTC. It was pretty hard for me. We just have to fight to the end and everything will be ok in the longrun.

So Lindsay had her baby. That is so weird that she is a mom already. They were just barely married when I left. There are a lot of new babies in the family. It will be fun. A lot of new faces to get to know. There are three new ones. Mac, Kate and Lindsays new baby. That is really cool. Now grandpa and grandma have two grandchildren.

So the World Cup is over. I am really happy that I was here for the World Cup. It is a lot diferent here. It is more than a sport. Sometimes they get a little to into it. But it was cool. Funny story. So yesterday I went with Elder Morera to look for investigators and we were like 40 minutes early. The whole world was watching the final of the world cup. So we knew it was pretty much imposilble to teach anyone right then. We knocked a door and we said that we were from the US(even though he is argentine) and said we have never seen a final of the world cup and we had like 40 minutes. We asked if we could go in for a little and they let us in. They gave us a cup of Pepsi and some lemon pie. Ha ha they loved us. The wife was going to give it to us with plastic forks and the husband said no give them good silverware. It was really funny we felt really important. So we got to watch a little of it and also we got to meet some new people. A really cool family that had talked to the missionaries in Villa Mercedes San Luis. It was really cool. It was a great game as Bryce probably already knows. But now it is over and the missionary work will go back to normal.

So it sounds like the tomatoes are doing really good. Remember before the mission I couldn´t or better said didn´t want to eat tomatoes or onions. Well now I love them, A LOT!!!!!!! They are so good. Especially how the argentines do it. So I am excited to have a lot more onion and tomatoe flavors in all the mexican food. Next week we are going to make fajitas with some other companionship. It will be pretty good. We will see if Elder Vazquez´s mom taught him anything good.

That is cool that you all had a good 4th of July. We really do live in a great country. Down here they are trying to change a lot too. They are trying to legalize on a country level, gay mariage. The president is a little mixed up with the way she thinks but they members of almost all the churches are fighting on behalf of the families. There are signs everywhere that says ´we want a dad and a mom.´ They are having another strike this next week trying to show that they really don´t want it. The majority doesnt want it. The president said that they have to help the minority too not just the majority. So the members of a lot of churches are fighting it until the end. It is pretty big right now here in San Juan. We have to fight for the good things that we have and if we don´t fight we wont have what we want. I sure hope that the people in charge will realize what they are doing. It will be really bad if it passes.

Like Emily said, the Johnsons just didn´t have much luck this week. That stinks to just get the boat on the water and then have to push it back and get back in the car and go. It is still weird for me thinking that it is hot up there. It isn´t really cold here in San Juan but it is chilly. There are two types of winds here in San Juan. One that is called Zonda which comes from the mountains and is really hot and then there is one that comes from the south that is really cold. Well yesterday right as our sunday school/sacrament meeting in Zonda was about to start there came a really strong southern wind. So right as we are about to start and right as investigators should be getting to church the wind started really strongly. We just started the meeting with the people that we had. We had two of our investigators so we were happy that atleast they came. The wind came in really hard. We could just hear it and dust was coming in from the windows and under the door too. It was crazy. Well the investigators didn´t all come because it really does screw up the head. There was the Zonda wind which is hot then it just changed to southern wind that is really cold. It always gives me a headache but I don´t care. The people from San Juan are kind of like babies when it comes to the weather. So we weren´t too angry about it. We got the two most important people to go. They are getting bapized this weekend. There names are Carolina, 23 years old and Vanesa, 17 years old. We almost have completed the family. We only need the dad and the younger brother. The men are always the hardest ones. Carolina is doing really good. She is reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and she stopped smoking. She is the one that had to do most of the changes. She wasn´t hanging out with the best kids and not doing the best stuff either. But she has changed a lot. They are a really cool family. In the picture that I sent last week, she is the one that is with her head down and the other one is the one with the purple jacket. They are going to be great and they are the first youth of Zonda. They are the pioneers. I don´t think they notice that yet.

So a little about how Zonda works. So as of right now there are like 12-15 members that go to church. The family that we are working with makes up like half the family. But there is one priesthood holder, his name is Julio Luque. So what we do on sunday is that at 5 30 in the afternoon we go and so does the ward missionaries and a member of the bishopric. He presides. The Zonda branch is a part of the Libertador Ward. It depends off the ward. Until it can be its own branch it will be a part of the ward. We have to find some more priesthood holders for that. So we have church in a members house. Which is tiny by the way. My comp and I have to stand up for it. But Julio and I blessed the sacrament and then they just gave like a sunday school lesson. It was really nice. It would have been better if we could have gotten more people to go but we always have next week. It is pretty crazy. We have church it this tiny house which is not the most pretiest house in the world. But we are in there and it looks like relief society. There are a lot of women and some men. But it is good. We have a lot of work to do there. I want to baptize a lot before I go home. We have a lot of people that we are teaching right now too. Just have to help them out a lot.

This week a member took us out to lunch. This has never happened in my whole mission. It was crazy. She took us to a place called Las LeƱas. She dropped a lot of money. I felt so bad but she wanted to do it. She spent 450 pesos on us 5. 4 missionaies and her. It was really good food but now 450 pesos worth. I will send you a pictures of her. She is crazy. But she is a really good member too. She has had a hard life.

We had a really good week. We are just trying to explode things out here. We have three weeks left in the transfer and we are trying to get it ready for my new comp and I. We are pretty sure and Elder Vazquez is leaviing and I will have one more companion that will kill me off. So we will see how it goes.

How are things going with the Book of Mormon reading before I get home? Everyone still doing it? Just so you all know I am doing it too. Well I don´t have much more time left and I have to write president. I love you all so much. Have a good week. Be Safe!!!!!!

Elder B. Smith

Here are some pictures. The picutres of the city is me trying to show you where my area is. In between the big mountains and the little ones is my area. We live pretty far from the area. The other one is of the sister that bought us lunch and a map of san juan. the best providence of argentina.!!!!!!!

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