Friday, July 23, 2010

July 6, 2009

hey family,

well it sounded like everyone had a good week. mom, emily jenna todd and josh in the moutains. and bryce and dad in utah. i am glad that everyone had an awesome week. i dont have a lot of time so i got to hurry and tell you about the week. so lets see. we have a really good week. we found four new people to teach and they are all really good. one his name is juan. we have to help him stop smoking. so a member gave us an idea. so we put his cigarette in milk and let them dry. he then will smoke them and they should have a horrible taste. we hope it works. he didnt come to church so we dont know how it worked out. we are going tommorow morning.

we worked way hard and we thought they would all come to church but people just dont want to leave there houses. i am sure you know about this pig flu that started in mexico. well i guess it is pretty big here. all the cathlic churches closed for the month of july. and we only have sacrament meeting for the month of july. so people are scared to leave and scared to shake hands and talk. so we will just have to try harder. president dosnt think we are in danger so we are still working. i like it a lot better then not workign . it will pass and everything will be ok. but i hate only having sacrament meeting. ha ha i dont think anyone of you thought i would ever say that. but it just feels like we are missing something only going for one hour. i like the three hours. it is ok. so i had to say good bye to juana. the lady in the wheel chair. she is going out of town and if i leave this area on the 22 i wont see her again. it was really sad. she is awesome. she is in mosiah in the book of mormon and she is going to church every week and is trying to get her sister to listen to the missionaries. even though we only had two baptisms in santa lucia it was worth it. she is a convert and is so much happier right now. when she says her prayers she always thanks god for her little angels that always come and help her learn more and feel better. she is awesome. i wont every forget her. i hope she will be able to make it to the temple one day.

so today we went to the moutains in san juan. it is called ZONDA. we went with a member it was really fun. he told us it was a really hard hike. ya right. it was the easiest hike i have ever done in my life. i told him he needs to go to the grand canyon. that is a hike. but i still had fun.

so we are excited to work this next week. i think i have 2 weeks left if this area so i want to leave it with good investigators for the missionary that comes next. so that is my goal for these two weeks. well i hope you all have a awesome week. i love you all alot. les amo mucho.

blake smith

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