Sunday, July 25, 2010

May 24, 2010

Dear Family,

¡SOY VIEJO!! I AM SO OLD!!! I can´t believe that tomorrow I turn 21 years old!!!! Time is going so fast. A year ago I was in San Juan with Elder Alfonso. So much has happened since then. It is amazing what can happen in one year. I should be getting a couple of cakes tomorrow and through out the week. We are going to have tacos tomorrow with the sister that teaches Principles of the Gospel class. I am going to bring my last bottle of hot sauce from Mattas. I am pretty excited. We will see how my birthday goes. Today is a holidy also. They just decided to make monday and tuesday holidays. So it is really boring in the streets.

So things are not looking to good in Arizona right now. I know don´t know hardly nothing but it should be intersting. Things here with the government are not to great either. The buses are going on strike again this week. Wednesday throu friday. It really makes it a lot harder for the missionary work. Our area needs buses. Oh well, what can we do?

I sure hope Grandma is ok. That is really scary. I will keep her in my prayers. Hopefully she gets better soon. Take it easy Grandma!!!!! I am really glad that we have really good medical help where we live and also good police. It is just so different here.

That has to be pretty nice to have that in the mountains just waiting to go up there. It sounds so relaxing. Just to be outside and take a nap(siesta) on the cot. Hope you all have a ton of fun.

So the Gila Valley Temple is ready. I really want to go see it. I can´t believe that she gave 500,000 dollars to the temple. Atleast she used it for a good cause. It has to look awesome. I wish the people would just stop complaining about the temple. They will be such a good thing to have next to your house or your buisness. Oh well.

Alright, so this week was really good. We found a lot of really cool people. We found a family of 12. they all see really interested too. we will see tomorrow. we are working really hard and trying to be obedient and just leave the rest in the Lords hands. we are seeing some of the fruit.

yesteryday i spoke in church about testimonies. it wasnt to bad because no one came. it was so cold and rainy yestereday. it was horrible. but i think i did a good job.

we went to mendoza on monday and it was an aweomse meeting. president talked about james 1:5. it was so good. he talked about how it is the key to save your life. praying to God. He also talked about setting goals now and after the mission. it was so nice. the sister lindahl talked about the keys we have in the priesthood and how we need to use it. she gave us a key to help remind us of our power. we are supposed to carry it with us on our scriptures that we use in the street. it really helps. it is a good idea.

when we were on our way home we were in the bus. i asked to have a bottle of wine to take home with me but instead of giving me a bottle she gave me a glass of wine. elder mendoza and i were laught pretty hard. we just hid it in the cup holder. it was so funny. i just wanted the bottle. oh well.

so today we went to a cemetary. next week i will send you some pictures. it is so interesting. nothing like the states. you can see on there coffins. it would be so scary at night. you will see next week. well i have to send some stuff to the office so i got to go. i love you all.


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