Saturday, July 24, 2010

January 18, 2010

Dear Family,

Hey family, ¿Cómo estan? Well it sounded like a pretty interesting week. So you went to Lehi Crossing Ward. That is cool that it is like the old ward. Same people and everything. Is bishop bradshaw still the bishop? And who is the stake president? I hope it is still the same stake president he is an awesome guy.

I sure hope grandma is going to be ok. That is scary. I will keep that is my prayers and pray she gets better. That is scary that it happened. She must have a lot of money in the money jar for it to hurt her back. Good job grandma!!!!

That is awesome that it is supposed to rain that much there in mesa. All week would be awesome with rain. It actually rained last night here in Villa Mercedes. It really cooled down the night because it was pretty warm last night. I love it when it rains but then the streets are all muddy and it is all humid. I guess missionaries can never really be happy with weather unless there are in mesa for winter. Now that is perfect weather.

Where is José moving too? I had to think for a while, who is José? Then i remembered who he was. That would be nice to have the trailer right there and have the nice cement in front. I sure hope he buys that suburban too. I dont want to have to deal with that when i get home. Ha ha. Ya so yesterday during lunch the member told us about the earthquake. She said that 100,000 people died. Is that true? That is a ton of people. Surely more are going to die because they dont have any where to live and nothing to protect them. That is so sad. Is pretty much the whole country just completey destroyed? Wow.

Well Elder Deuel and i had a pretty interesting week. We were just working normally this week and we got a call in the siesta on Wednesday. It was the assistants. They called and told us that elder deuel and i are going to train. I AM A FATHER AGAIN!!!!! We are going to be three missinoaries together. A little weird but we can to it. Ha ha so on Thursday morning we went to mendoza (5 ½ hour bus ride) to go pick up our kid, elder williams. We are just travling sleeping in the bus and it just stops and turns off. Well with our luck the bus just broke. The belts in the bus busted and we had to wait for another bus to bring us some belts. So we were just waiting for an hour outside. Just talking. It was really dumb because now we were going to be late for picking us elder williams from the air port. Well we finally get going again and the assistants call us and tell us that elder williams plane was delayed until 8 at night. So we calmed down a little and werent so stressed. When we got to mendoza we took atvantage of the time and we walked and ate at mcdonalds. Oh it is a lot better here in argentina for some reason or i am just so lacking real american food that it just tasted better. But we ate there and then went to the office to wait to go to the airport. Well at about 6 45 presidnet and sister lindahl came and picked us up and we went to the airport. It was nice to just be with them for a little bit just me and elder deuel. We got there and off the plane came elder williams. He looked dead. He was already traveling for more than a day. When he got down we went to subway to eat some dinner. Oh my goodness subway was so good. We ate and talked and got to know elder williams a little. President told him a little about his life and we told a little about our. Over all it was just a really good night. We slept overnight in the office elders house and got up had breakfast that sister jarvis made for us and we left. The bad thing was we were a little to late for the morning bus so we had to wait for 5 hours in the terminal for the next bus to Villa Mercedes. We bought some cards and played some games for a while. I talked with a crazy drunk man, ha ha really crazy. but we finally got on the bus and just slept. Oh it was so nice. The mission bought us better bus tickets with better chairs so we could sleep better. It was amazing. We dint get to our area until 10 at night. Elder williams didnt get to his area for like almost 3 days. Well elder williams is from sandy utah and he had some visa problems so that is why he got here late. He was serving in chicago for 7 weeks. The chicago mission is a joke. They have cars and ac´s and all that kind of baby stuff. Ha ha elder williams says it is a lot harder here. He already has blisters on his feet and everything. But he is a really good kid. He is tall and pretty big. Not fat but big.

This Saturday we went to Justo Daract, the area closest to Córdoba to help our the elders over there. Elder Garcia has nemonia so he cant leave so we went over there to help them visit their investigators. It was really nice. I just stayed and talked with elder garcia. He is from colombia and has some pretty sweet stories. We just were outside talking and studying. He has to be so bored he has to be in the house for 2 weeks. I cant even imagine how bored i would be.

José Castro came to church again. He should be getting baptized this Saturday but we are not sure if we can get all the things taught to him or not. So we will have to see. But we had a really good week. We have to go to mendoza again for zone confereance. That means like 11 hours in a bus. Man i am excited. But i am pretty excited for this next couple of weeks with elder deuel and elder williams.

Well i love you all a lot. Have a good week. Les quiero mucho y que tengan una semana muy buena.

Elder smith

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