Saturday, July 24, 2010

October 26, 2009

Hey family,

Well to start off, jenna you emailed me asking about my stomach. Weverything is fine now. The little thing went back into its place and I feel great now. I cant do excerciese again and it is totally fine. By the way I would not want to get a sergury if I had to here. I would wait ten months and do it there. Ha ha I don’t trust them with knifes here. Well it sounded like everyone had a great week this week. The millers house seems crazy huge. One day I will have one of those. Yesterday I had my interview with president lidahl. The longest one I have ever had. He told me that I am going to be going home soon, which scared me. I still have ten months less, more then ten. But he looked into my eyes and said what he saw in me in ten years. I am not going to lie I liked what he told me. He told me a lot about the type of job I will have, the callings in the church. It was a great interview. So today I don’t have a lot of time to write. We went to a place called VALLE GRANDE big valley. It is a dam that they have here and a lake. Or it was just a whole lot of temptation to get in the water. Then we missed the bus to go back so we had to wait four hours for the next one. So we sat in the only place there was and they played Spanish rap the whole time. I think the latins liked it a little to much. Ha ha. We played hacky sac and just talked, it was pretty fun. I thought I was going to be burnt but it looks just more darker. Ha ha lucky me. This week we had a pretty good week. I am not going to lie it is pretty hard training. I have to do everything. And it is hard to be with someone that doesn’t know Spanish. I am used to latin comps. But it is still fun. He bore his testimony in zone conference and he didn’t know how to say I SAY so he looked at me and I told him digo. Well elder briceño looked at me and told me how cute it is that my son looks at me for help. Ha ha it was funny, but this kid would die without me. Ha ha. He is really good though. We found a lot of good people this last week and we will have a lot of success this next week. I am really excited. I am helping him with his open the mouths. Or when he talks with people in the street. He has them to long. We are practicing on doing them a little more faster but to the point. The people are always in a hurry so we have to catch their attention fast and let them feel the spirit. He is getting better and I am too. I have learned a lot in the last two weeks with him. That really God is helping us out a lot. He is helping every day with elder quebbeman. His Spanish is getting a lot better and he has just a little time. He is also giving me the strength to do what I need to do. Sometimes I forget though that he needs help with everything. There are somethings that I just have in my head for so long that I forget to explain. But I am getting better at explaining everything. The members have a lot of fun with him. They say a lot of things behind his back. I love it. He is so lost almost all the time. It reminds me a lot about what I was like. We talked a lot about working with members in our work in zone conference. And we are putting into affect a new program to work with the members. I have been thinking on how I want to be helpful after the mission with missionary work. I really didn’t know many non-members before the mission. I am going to look for a lot of non member friends after the mission. And maybe even help one of the Mexicans to get to church too. Well that was a little about our week. Oh before I forget. Well I guess I have been spending more money lately. I don’t have much in my account, I don’t know what happened. But can you chech that for me. Thanks. Also, could you give me brentons email address and I will send him a little letter. Well I hope everyone is ok. I love you all a lot. Don’t ever let the chance to share the gospel pass you by. And if you are scared to like I was before the mission. Call the missionaries up and they will help you. I am not sure how the missions work in the states, what I have heard is that it is way different. But we all need to help in the work. If you have the desire god will put the person in your path and just do it. I love you all so much. Have a good week. Les amo mucho, no se olviden que nosotros tenemos la verdad y que tenemos que compartirla con todos. El Señor le ayudará. Tengan una Buena semana y les escribiré la semana que viene.

Chau chau.

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