Saturday, July 24, 2010

February 27, 2010

Hey family,
So, maybe you have all heard about the earthquake that happened in Mendoza, Argentina and Concepción, Chile. Well, I guess a lot of parents have been calling the offices and asking about how it was in Mendoza. So the mission wanted us to write our family and tell them that we are ok. Well, so you all know, I am ok. To tell you the truth I didn`t know anything about an earthquake until the assistants called me and told me to tell my zone. I guess it was pretty strong in Mendoza, 6.6. But I called an Elder in Mendoza and he said nothing really happened. Except some really old houses were a little destroyed. You all probably know more information then we do. I just know this because we taught an investigator this morning and they filled us in. I guess it is a lot worse in Chile. Here in San Luis nothing happened. Everything is going on like normal. We just got to pray for the people in Chile. Here in this computer place the tv says that like 147people died. It is really sad. How blessed I am that nothing happened to me and it didn`t happen here in San Luis. But I am ok, don`t worry, if you were. Also on the tv it is saying that Chile is getting waves of 15 meters. That is huge. I will just have to be listening to the members and the people in the street to fill me in. Also it says that Haiwaii is going to get a tsunami. Is that true? I hope everything is well. Well I just had a little bit of time to e-mail and to tell you all that I am ok. I love you all. I`ll write again on Monday.
Elder Blake Smith

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