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March 16, 2009

Dear Famiy,

First of all that just is weird that bryce is blessing the sacrament. I still cant see him as a 16 year old priest. Man that is just weird. But cool at the same time. I dont know if you all remember but remember when justin fox blessed the sacrament for the first time. Ha ha i will never forget that. He did such a horrible job but it made for a good story. I cant believe he will be giving his missionary fairwell already. It just seems like a gave mine. He is going to love it. Speaking spanish and everything. But his mission will be a little different i think. I am pretty sure all his will be city. We dont have much of that here. The missions in the states are a lot different then south america. But he will still love it a lot. And i cant wait to hear where brenton will be going. That would be so cool if he came here. The mission cant have too many people like brenton. Oh and when does brady go home? Is it the bigging of april? If it is that is just crazy. Aleady done with his mission.

That sounds like a really cool egeal project for bryce and it will be up in the mountains. What better place could you have it. Bryce get that done fast and just get it out of the way. It will be fun. You will be helping people phisically and i will be helping them spiritually. We got the both sides covered. Oh and bryce. We were in the chapel one day during the siesta this week and i was reading a ensign from march of 2007. it talks a lot about missionary work and it was really good. Tells about a missionaires day, what they do and what they need to do to prepare for their mission. Read it. It is really good and it is somewhat similar to what i am doing. They give like an hour by hour story of two missionaries day. It is pretty much they same but some things different but for the most part tells about a missionaries life really well. Read it. Find it. And do the things it says. I know at this time with only 16 years you dont see the need to prepare. But bryce i promise you that you will be really greatful that you started preparing now and now three months before your mission like i did. I love you so much. Keep up the good work with school, eagle, and prepariring for your mission.

So ya something amazing happened this week. Ha ha we were walking back to the appartment and we saw a sign that this lady was going to start selling mexican food from her house. I got way excited but she only does it on the weekends and so we tried it. It was pretty good. Not too spicy but for argentina it was way spicy. It was good. It is nothing like filibertos or mattas. But still it is mexican food in argentina.

So yesterday i gave my first talk in argentina. Ha ha we were told on Thursday night. By the secretay. We went over to his house to see if he would come with us to an appointment and he said. Oh elders i dont know if president told you but you have talks on Sunday. Yah that was really scary because if we didnt go there he would of never told us and we would have had a really hard time talking in church with ten minutes to prepare. But it went well. I gave a 13 minute talk abou the gospel of Jesus Christ. 13 minutes of speaking in spanish in a little branch in argentina. But it was just my luck too. Yesterday we had the most people we have had in that branch for a long time. It was only like 65 but still. I think i did good. A sister told me she understood everything and that my spanish was good. So i am happy. Diego didnt come to church and we havent been able to find him in his house. I hope everything is ok with him. We kind of think he smoked and doesnt want to talk to us. But we are going to find him tongiht. We have to get him to stop smoking. But this week we had a pretty good week. We got a reference from the zone leaders and we were trying to find it and instead of finding him we found a really good lady. She is really interested and really cool. She has four kids but is seperated which makes it harder to teach her becuase if we dont have another guy with us we have to teach her on he balcony where we sit on a little ledge over the street. Ha ha and her little kid always tries to push me off. But thats ok. So i still dont know if i will be transfered or not. So i will let you know next week.

So ya there is a guy playing call of duty 4 next to me and i am not going to lie it looks really fun. But anyways back to being focused. So they remodeled the institute builiding and they needed a missionary choir. So me and the people of our apartment and other missionarie are singing for the open house. So we will see how that goes. But i am doing really good. Healthy happy and stilll learning a lot. I love you all so much.

Elder smith

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