Sunday, July 25, 2010

June 7, 2010

Hey family,

Well this was a very eventful week. That is so sad that Daisy died. I never knew her but that is so sad. She sounded like a really good dog. I hope that this Masie will be just as good and hopefully she will last until I get home. Dogs just dont last very long where we live. Hopefully this one will. I think this is like the fouth dog that you have had sice I have been gone. You gave had the two dogs that look like the wolves, Daisy and now Masie. We just sound like a dog family. We knocked a door this last week and the guy had 25 dogs, 12 cats and a parot. I am now lieing either. I counted everyone. It was so gross. We are trying to get into his house and teach him. I want a picture with all those dogs. It would be sweet. I am glad that you had a good Fast and Testimony meeting. Ours was pretty quiet. Usually the missionaires don´t give their testimony. But there was so much silence that all four of us gave our testimony. It was pretty sad. I think there was more silence then testimonies. We are ready to tell the investigatores why. The bishop is trying so hard to get the ward moving, and so are we. It is just really hard when the auxilary leaders don´t do much. We will try to help him out. We are doing divisions every friday with the bishpric to try to help.

So Colten is already home too. I sure hope he stays strong. It is so sad about Logan. I hope he can do better then him. Hopefully he will help Logan and his family get back into shape. It is just incredible what happened.

That is a good goal about reading the Book of Mormon. We just barely finished reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. We read it in 66 days. The same amout of time it took for Joseph Smith to translate it. It was really nice. Reading it is 66 days it is about an average of 3 to 4 chapters a day. But it is possible. I put the goal of reading it one more time in spanish and also to read the New Testament again. I have to get going. But it sure is helping me out. I like learning. I am really excited to keep on learning. Here in the mission you learn a lot in personal study and church. I am excited to keep on learing. I got a letter from Chad. He just talked about keeping the same habits that we learn in the mission. I have thought a lot about that. That scriptures, prayers and church come before everything. Getting ready Bryce. I am going to help you get into gear with all of that. You will love it.

That is pretty scary that there was a scorpion in the bed with you and mac. I know how it feels and I hate it. To top it off he is a little kid. That is scary. I tell people here that there are scorpions and they freak out. There is like nothing here that is posioness.

Elder Mendoza and I are doing good. We are pushing a long. We have 16 weeks together. I am going to be leaving this area in two weeks too. I think I already know where i am going and i am pretty excited. Elder Mendoza and i have done a lot but i am ready for more.

we are going to be baptizing this friday. The lady that we have been working with a lot is finally getting baptized. I cant leave until that happens. She is looking really good. We have also been working with her husband. So that he could get the priesthood and baptize his wife. He is so excited. He got the priesthood yesterday and they are on the path of going to the temple. It is awesome.

The Valle Family that we have been working with are doing awesome. They are the coolest family ever. They are progressng so well. They are even studying the lessons before sunday (NO ONE DOES THAT. NO ONE!!!!!!) But they are. He bore his testimony and it was the best one all day yesterday. I taugh Priciple of the Gospel but he was the real teacher. He is really getting a big testimony and he is going to be a great leader in this ward. I love it.

We had a special zone conference with Elder Zivic, the area seventy. It was really good. He really helped us out with the way that we are teaching and making commitments. it was a great conference.

Well i hope that you all have a great week. i love you all.

Elder B. Smith

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