Saturday, July 24, 2010

October 5, 2009


CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! hey mom, like you i LOVED the talk from elder holland. wow it was amazing, words can not describe it. we were listening in english, i am so glad i speak english and can hear his voice because he said it so well and the spirit was fuertísimo, really really strong. i loved it. if someone had a doubt about the bom they dont have it know. i also caught that they talked a lot about loving you family and showing it. well i cant show it much here but i want you to all know that i love each one of you so much. i am so greatful for what you all did for me and what you are doing for me now. i love my family so much. i have the best family. i cant wait for the ensign so i can read them again.

that is so crazy that brenton is already leavig the mtc. HE JUST WENT IN. man time went really fast. really really fast. i am not jelous of him at all. i love it here in argnetina. i love that it not to cold and i love all the weird argentine stuff they do. well my zone leader slipped this week when i was with him. he told me a little about transfers. i think they are switcing the sisters to my area beucase they werent doing to good where they were. so if all goes like he said, i will be in ballofet next transfer. it is where tanner served. which will be pretty cool. but i dont know. also this week. a elder here had a problem with a catholic priest, i think president lindahl has to talk with him. i am pretty excited to see how that will turn out. everything the catholics do just show their church is not true. last week they were praying to a statue in downtown san rafael. i mean do they not read the ten commandments. oh well.

ha ha so i have been working out a lot more this week, well becasue now i have to find a girlfriend when i get home. well anyways, i was working out a lot and doing a lot of leg excersices. well saturday during conference me stomach starting hurting. and it just got worse and worse. last night i slept like two hours becuase i couldnt move. well today i went ot the hospital, which by the way are horrible here. dirty and just i felt like i was in a prison. i am glad i live where i live. anyways. i guess i have a navel hernia, which i am not quite sure what it is. but they gave me medicne and it should help. if not i have to go to mendoza. it will work. ihope, just pray for me. ha ha i dont want to have a serguery.

well we have two people in confernece this weekend. luis and lorena. he is from colombia. they are way good and the loved confernce. they are goig to get baptized. i know it. they are amazing. i really want to baptize this family. well family , i hope you all have an amzaing week. love you all so much.

chau chau.

elder msith

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