Thursday, July 22, 2010

February 2, 2009

Hello Famiy,

Well it sounds like everyone is doing really good. Which I like to hear. Ya wow this week went by really fast. Really really really fast. We worked hard this last week because it is elder macía´s last week in the mission. He leaves for home on thrusday. Weird. Ha ha well this week also went slow on Wednesday and Thursday. I got sick Tuesday night about at 8 p.m. I just started feeling weak and we still had a long way to walk back to the pench so I just pushed it and went right to bed when I got there. I woke up at 1 in the morning burning so I took my temperature and it was 102 then threw up and coldnt sleep. Ha ha but everthing is good now. Feel back to 100 percent. Yay. It was so boring just sitting in the pench on Thursday. I so like working more. Ha ha. That’s good though. Well to start out. That stinks that the cardinals lost. Not like I will hear about it here I don’t hear anything about football. Oh well there is always another year. So dad had some questions that I will answer. Lets see for breakfast I eat a bowl of cereal and I drink a little bit of yogurt. I love the yogurt here. And for lunch we eat with members. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes I just have to shove it down with some pop. And for dinner well we just eat a little snack before we go to bed. We don’t have time for dinner. But we eat at members homes Tuesday through Saturday. And everyweek another sister is the ward washes our clothes. Sometimes they cant wash garments so I have to but for the most part there are enough that can. In our branch we don’t have ward missionaries or a ward mission leader. They are trying the get us one but for know it is just me and elder macías. And ya there are sister missionaries, in my zone there are two sisters and the sisters are machines. They get things done. Ha ha but ya the mission is awesome. So on Tuesday we had a little zone meeting before district meeting and elder macias and I won the bull. Ha ha the bull is for the companionship that did the best for that week. So for this week we had the bull or el buey. In our pench. Ha ha it was nice. But lets see. Oh so transfers are this week and I am pretty sure I am still going to be here in Bermejo and have a new companion. It stinks everyone in my pench knows what they are doing for transfers except me. Oh well I find out tomorrow who my new comp is. But this Saturday we had another baptism. We baptized the brother of facundo his name is Alfio. He is so smart. Elder berezay told me that in his interview he knew all the commandments really well and he is only twelve. He will be a good member. So right now we have two baptism in a row and we think we will baptize belén this Saturday too we will see.. but Bermejo is doing good right now. Working hard. Yesterday we bore our testimonies at church and it wasreally nice. I wasn’t stumbling over words like before. Having elder macias as a comp has been a huge blessing. Huge.
So we saw a really realy gross sad thing this week. We saw a dog on the side of the road so we thought it got hit by a car and was dead. But we walked past it and saw it breathing so we went to see if it was ok and in his back he had a hole about the size of a softball and there were bugs coming out of the hole. Like worms and stuff so he was just suffering to death. It was so sad. I don’t know why I told that story but oh well. Well I hope everyone is safe and has fun this week. I love you so much.
Elder smih

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