Saturday, July 24, 2010

February 22, 2010

Hey Family,
Wow, that was a lot of snow!!!!!!!! It was like twice the height of mom. That is pretty sweet. it is going to be really pretty up there this summer. That is crazy. That is scary about the cabin though. i hope it will be ok. i sure do miss going up to those moutains. i love it up there. everyone doesnt believe me that arizona has pretty mountains. they just think that it is all desert. oh what do they know.
every since wednesday i have had a lot better week. the week started off pretty bad with me being sick and everything but by wednesday night i started feeling a little bit better. on wednesday night the whole zone arrived and we went and got everyone into their houses. we got five new elders in the zone. my companion elder mendoza came too. i will send you pictures of him next week. he is a little chuby kid from honduras. he is really funny. i am really excited to be with him for the next six weeks. we have started out working really good together. we have a less active family that we are visiting right now and we are activating them and then going to baptize the oldest daughter. we also had a 12 year old kid come to church that wants to get baptized to, just when he knows a little more about the church. so we are going to start teaching him. it is hard to just start off in a new area like this. we dont know anyone or anything. we just have to start from scratch. my new area is called hipĆ³lito irigoyen. it is not quite like the areas i have had. i have part of the city and also we have a part of the country. we have a little of all. rich and poor, city and country. we will have a fun time though. i am really excited.
on wednesday elder mendoza and i have to travel to mendozo for ´counsel`with the zone leaders and president. i am pretty excited. we have to leave at like 3 30 in the morning to get to mendoza on time. but we are excited. they talk about the mission and how we can get better and also about each zone and how we are doing. but the best part is that the sister lindahl makes tacos. with guacamole. i am pretty excited for that. i just hope it will be spicey. ha ha. so we will see how it goes. today for pday we made tacos and played soccer as a zone. our zone is not very big, we are only ten missionaries. but we are pretty close. of the latins that we have in the zone we have one from honduras, colombia and argentina. we have a pretty good mix going on. well for this week it really hasnt been too exciting. this next week should be a little more exciting. i hope you all have a great week and i love you so much. oh mom, the package hasnt come yet but i might get in on wednesday when i go to mendoza. so i will tell you next week. thanks for the pictures and everything. i love you all.
chao, chao

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