Thursday, July 22, 2010

February 9, 2009

Dear Family,

So sounds like everyone is doing really well. Newly painted house, nice cut lawns, ha ha sounds fun. ha ha not really. for a service Project this last week we cut a members lawn. Ha ha but we had to use a little electric weed eater that didn’t work very good. Ha ha it was really horrible actually I really appreciate the stuff we had for doing yard work. But lets see wow it is already February it just seems like we had Christmas. And we are already almost ten days into the month. Oh speaking of the tenth. Tomorrow I hit 5 months in the mission. Wow and in this transfer I will hit 6 months. I am going to be a fourth way done with my mission in a month. That is crazy. And that is so cool that brenton is starting his papers. The zone leader told me when we did divisions that the first presidency told president lindahl that they want this mission to be a mission of 200 and right now it is a mission of like 160. Ha ha that would be so cool if he got called to this mission. I think he would like it. It is a little different then the states though. It takes a little getting use too. But over all it is fun. Ha ha elder morgan, a zone leader, we were talking about how we just really don’t fit in at all. So he just likes to do stupid things. Say weird things to kids. Say we can speak japaneese too and just make up nonsense with the kids. It is pretty fun. Ha ha and we have a new elder in our apartment and it is just fun to watch him in the streets because he doesn’t fit in at all. He is a way Utah elder. Ha ha. But ya that would be amazing if brenton came here. It has happened. Elder west, Gardna´s grandson. Him and his cousin served in this mission at the same exact time. But now they are home. Wow that is weird. So lets see the stuff that has happened this week. So on Monday elder macias and I were walking down the road and I was thinking to myself that we need to find more people. So I said a little prayer so that I would be able to know where the house that we needed to knock. What would be the sign that it would be that door. Then a thought came to my head that the first house that we walk by that we hear English we need to knock that door. So we did. And a person answered the door that was a little scary looking but we talked to him anyways. He was pierced in the ears a lot of tattoos and a little goatee. We just talked to him anyways and got into his house and taught him. The only part of the story that isn’t cool is that we haven’t been able to find him in his house yet. Oh well. So I had to say goodbye to elder macías on Wednesday. It was kinda sad I really liked him he was a way good elder. And right now he is in school in the plata in Buenos aires. Way weird. So I got my new comp on Wednesday too. He is from west valley Utah. His name is Elder Riggs. He plays the violin really well so he plays it in baptisms and in church. Oh speaking of baptisms we had another one this week. Her name is Belén Oropel. She is sixteen and I was able to baptize her. It was way cool. She wanted more friends in the church so we invited every youth we could possibly invite. We got about 17 people at the baptism which is way good. But she said it was awesome. She came to church yesterday and received the holy ghost. And we might be having a baptism either this weekend or the next. We are doing pretty good here in Bermejo. Right now we have baptized three weeks in a row. Yay. But I am doing really well. To answer a question from dad. People do eat a lot of beef. And they have this thing called an asado. But I have only been to two. At an asado they eat a lot of beef and they are really really good. So ya the beef is way good. Oh and don’t buy Bryce pants that cost that much. That is a joke. He doesn’t need panst that cost that much. But ya so the internet place that I am in I cant send pictures so I will have to send pictures of the two baptisms next week. But I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you all next week. I love you. Bye.

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