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December 21, 2009

Hey Family,

Well you did your letter in red so i will do it in green. Wow, Christmas is in 5 days. This year has gone by so fast. I can remember when i called last christmas in Bermejo with Elder Lewis. ¡¡¡El tiempo esta volando!!! So i we will be talking on Friday. That is so weird. I am on the 3rd time that i am going to call. Ok so right now i am going to give you the number that you are going to call on Friday. But i cant remember the time difference there in arizona for sure, i think it is 4 hours. so you are going to have to call me tommorrow (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. there in arizona and see if the number works. I think it should be 10 pm here. So on Tuesday at 6 pm you need to call 011-54-9-2652-752437. Ok so on Tuesday i am going to be waiting for your call. It should work out. I have my cell phone with me all the time so if the time change is not 4 hours it is ok. We should be in the church. We have a meeting with the bishop and then we are taking an investigator kid to go play soccer in the church. So we wont be in someones house teaching so dont worry when you call. Just call at 6 pm Tuesday.

Ok so this last week was a very interesting week here in balloffet san rafael. We had a pretty big problem with an investigator that i will just tell you on Friday. Ha ha actually a pretty funny awkward story. But you will just have to wait. But on Thursday at about 4 30 in the afternoon we were in the house getting ready to do divisions. So i was going with elder knight and elder quebbeman was going with elder concha. So we were getting ready to leave and it starting raining. My appointment was close so we stayed til it stopped raining but elder quebbeman´s and elder concha´s appointment was really really far so they took un umbrella and went out. Well we didnt realize how strong the storm actually was. After about 5 minutes it started raining. But i mean RAINING with a lot of wind and hail. It was a ton of water being dropped at one time. Well we filmed it on our cameras and they we left when it stopped. Well we didnt realize how strong it really was either. We left the house and there were trees down everywhere. Roads were flooded and power lines down. We tood a bus to our appointment because we couldnt really walk anywhere. The road balloffet was so flooded. It was a really bad storm. A lot of people were without power for like 2 or 3 days. Also an area named Salto de las Rosas had really bad flooding problems. So the wards gave clothing and things to the families from there. It was really sad. A lot of people lost their crops with the hail. It just wasnt a good day.
We had a lady that is reading the book of mormon and the enisgns come to church yesterday. She stayed for all three hours. I was really nervous because it was the primary program. Primary programs in argentina are horrible. We also have two handicaped kids that scream a lot so that just makes in even more caotic. But it was good. They did a good job anyways.
We had our ward christmas party of Friday. We had permission to stay til it ended. Becuase it ends at about 1 or 1 30 but a brother in the ward didnt believe me and thought i was lieing so he took us home at 12. I was kind of mad because we left right when they were going to do all the talents. I was so excited for it. But oh well we didnt stay. It was still fun though. I made two things of banana bread for it and they all loved it. A guy in our ward named hermano martinez lived in california for 15 years and he hasnt tried banana bread for a long time and he loved it. Ha ha i felt pretty good. They all think it is something so awesome. Bananas in bread!!!!

Well i dont have much to say because we are going to be talking on Friday. On wednesdy we are traveling to mendoza for the chritmas party. So i will tell you more then. I love you all. I will talk to you for like 1 minute then tommorrow and then on Friday.

Chau chau

Elder smith

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