Sunday, July 25, 2010

June 15, 2010


Ya someone is actually going to be speaking spanish in their mission other than me. That is so awesome that she is going on a mission. She is going to love it. That is sweet she is going to Bahia Blanca. I don´t know a ton about that mission just becuase it is pretty far from me but she will love it. Tell her to get ready to eat some asados, milanesas, ñoquis, pastel de papas, pastas, facturas and some more good stuff. She is going to love it. The only bad thing is that SHE LEAVES THE SAME EXACT DAY I GET HOME!!!!!!! I get home on the 15th at about noon. So I wont see her for 3 and a half years. That is pretty sad but I am glad she is going. She is going to speak like those from Buenos Aires though. She is a lot closer to the capital then I am. She is going to be speaking with a porteño accent. Irma will love her accent (not). It just stinks that I will be missing her by hours. What a coincidence. Well tell her congradulations and to get ready for a hot christmas with fire works. Tell her to study the first three lessons for preach my gospel a ton and just practice teaching them with good easy examples. She will be great!!!! Tell her that is awesome that she is coming to argentina but she will just have to live with the fact that the best mission in argentina in La Misión Argentina Mendoza!!!!!!!!!!

Ya I got the package. Everyone loves it. We had a baptism yesterday and when all the members left we were in the church playing with the helicopter. You would be amazed how fun a little helicopter can be for a group of missionaries that have been kept from technology for a couple of months. But we had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything in there. We are going to play some ultimate freesbie today. Thanks for all the awesome, delicious candy. Elder Mendoza is happy he was with me when I got the package.

Ya Chad already told me that he is getting married. He is getting married August 12th. A month before I get home. Este chavón. I was a little upset. I wanted him to be single when I got home but oh well. Hopefully he is happy. I still think that it is too soon.

So this last week was an awesome week. We worked ´como negros´ (a lot argentines say it). And got blessed a lot. We got into a lot of houses and taught some really cool people. Lets hope they begin to progress.

We had a baptism this friday. ROSA FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED. I swear that is why Elder Mendoza and I are still together. We had to see her get baptized. It was an interesting baptism. The water ran out in the church and it was cold water. But we were not giving up. There were two members there and we still started anyways. We got her into the water with her husband and Elder Mendoza so that she felt better. Well he tried to baptize her but she got to scared of going so low and going backwards and she wanted to get baptized another day. Elder Mendoza looked at me (i was one of the witnesses) and shook his head. We closed the door and he showed her other ways of getting under the water. Well after like 20 minutes of trying and trying to make her calm. she did it. I think he said the prayer like 9 times. But she went in and got confirmed. She is happy and so are we.

So on saturday we went to the bishops house and watched the game. I am so glad we got permission. It was an ok game. It was a sweet goal by Heinze but really I think the best player was the goalie from Nigeria. He blocked shot after shot after shot. No one could get it in. There was a big parade going down the main street after the game but we stayed away from it. It was just a whole bunch of PIBES (teenage kids) blocking off traffic and blowing horns in the siesta. I bet a lot of people were bad, the ones who were trying to sleep. But it was pretty cool. There is blue and white all over the place. I really like the colors. The argentine jersaey the us jerseys are the coolest that I have seem yet. The US England game was better. A lot more exciting. They gave England a good fight. GO US!!!!.

Elder Mendoza and I have one more week together. I am for sure leaving this area. We had interviews with president and he told me I was leaving. I hope I go to San Juan and die(end the mission). I want to die there. I want to see Raúl before I go home. This is my only chance I have. But were ever I need to go I will go.

Well, I better get goin. That is so sweet that Kylie is going on a mission. Even better that she is going to Argentina. ¡AGUANTE ARGENTINA!!! I love you all so much. have a good week,

Elder B. Smith

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