Saturday, July 24, 2010

August 10, 2009

Hey family,

Well it sounds like everyone had a good week. And ya jeron is a little retarted to pick up a rattle snake. Well he learned his lesson. But that is way sad that the anti venom is so expensive. Lets just hope that he learned from it. Ya that is way weird how they are going to do the school thing. That is just going to scream caaos. I dont know how to spell that. Anyways. That is retarded if you ask me. Wow bryce is already a junior in high shcool. That is crazy. Start it out good bryce, they say that junior year is the hardest, so dont get behind. Trust me you will be thankful if you dont get behind. That would be really cool if he came to san juan. Well it all depends on when he comes because i am 100% sure that i am leaving santa lucia in 3 weeks. I have been here for over 5 months. A long time if you ask me. But i am glad i am here still. The members didnt really like elder alfonso that well. Lets just say like 3 sisters were going to stop giving lunches if he stayed. Ya. I am glad i stayed now. Ha ha. So a guy in another ward made me a scripture case out of leather that i get today i am really excited. I will send a picture of it next week. It is only like 30 dollars which is pretty good. I hope it looks good.

So ya we had an awesome week. Well an awesome weekend i should say. Ha ha the begging of the week was pretty good. Just me and my good old weird companion. Oh get this, his mom sent him a lime green scarf and blue kids sunglasses. This morning he put them on and was dancing and eating with lime green scarf and these kinds sunglasses. He is a werido i tell you. Ha ha. I wish you could just see. You would die of laughter. I write it all in my journel. One day you will get to know him through that. Well we met this one guy named ricardo and we are helping him stop smoking. Which is way hard. We made him signs and everything to put in his huouse and he sold all his cigarettes. I sure hope we can help him with it.
So on Friday we were talking to people in the street and we were getting rejected left and right. I dont know what happened but the people were just really really mean that day. I kinda was getting mad because i was way happy to work in the morning and then the dang people ruined it. We tried talking to i swear like 25 people and i think we talked with 2 that stopped and werent mean. So we were a little sad walking to a guys house and then some guy on a motorcycle stopped us and started talking. His name is Raul Meaurio. He is a friend of a member is our ward. The friend is not active but anyways. He said, ´i had no idea jorge cortez was a member, why didnt he ever tell me??? I am 38 years old my mom died last year and i have nothing in my life. So i talked with my friends dad and he told me about the church. So i started looking for the ´elderes´. ´ well he found us on Friday and he told us that he wants to belong to our church. He told me that he was taught by missionaries about 15 years ago but never was baptized because he left for school. Well lets just say. I called him up that night and we made an opointment for Saturday morning in the church to talk with him. We gave him a tour of the church and he told us of a dream he had and he said this church was in his dream. We taught about joseph smith and he excepted to get baptized on the 22nd. You have no idea. This guy is so ready for baptism. He is like everyone says and he is a GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR. He went to church yesterday and stayed for all three hours. He loved sacrament meeting he said he felt really good and that he loved everything. In principle of the gospel class we talked about the gospel of jesus Christ. We also had a guy that came to chruch that i didnt know was not a member. He lives with a less active member and they are not married. So we talked about the baptism and they said that they couldnt get baptized. So Raul (investigator) tried to set a baptismal date with walter(not member) ha ha that just doesnt happen. A person who is not a member inviting someone else to get baptized. Raul is awesome. He was trying to convince them to get married and he totally understands the importance of baptism. It was amazing. Well also is priesthood we talked a little about temples. Raul told me that he is excited to go to the temple in a year. He said, ´i am going there on the 22nd of august 2010. I really want to go´ he already wants to got to the temple and general conference. He is amazing. He is so awesome. We had an amazing week. This guy is going to be an amazing member of the church and another good thing is that he speaks english which my companion loves. I dont becasue it is harder to teach in english. Ha ha.

Well last night we were walking home and drunk anti americans started yelling at us. We stayed calm becuase we knew they were just drunk and werent going to do any thing. They just wanted to yell at something that was from the u.s. and swear at us. Nothing happened and we laugh about it now but they are just retarded. One thing they thought we were spies from the u.s. which i am not i just worked a a little farm in mesa arizona and they just wanted to try to scare us. But everything is ok. It makes for a good story. Dont worry. Ha ha. But other then that we had a great week. Ha ha we are going to have a baptism of the 22 and are going to try to help walter and this other lady get married so walter can get baptized.

Well i hope you all have a great week. I will. I will keep working hard and i am way excited to help raul meaurio out. He is amazing. Well i love you all. Be safe.
Elder blake smith

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