Friday, July 23, 2010

April 20, 2009

Dear Family,

Well it sounds like everyone is doing really good. Sounds like you all had a hard busy week. That’s sad about the tree and the patio. I liked that tree too. Oh well. Ha ha I know this sounds weird. But that sounded really fun to cut the tree down and everything with the tractor and the fork lift. Ha ha we are looking for service to do here but argentines are so stubborn and don’t want any help. That’s so cool that chase baptized a man in a wheel chair too. Ha ha it was an experience. I will tell more about the baptism a little later. So first of I will tell you about two investigators that we have, Pablo and Mercedes. They lived in the United States for like ten years and are completely obsessed with the United States. It is all they talk about, they hate it here. They only came back so that they could get the papers and do it right so they aren’t doing it illegally. Ha ha they always say stuff in English and my companion doesn’t understand anything they are talking about. Ha ha he was talking about black people and how they talk. He doesn’t like it because it is hard to understand there phrases. For example, the phrase, “you feel me man?” he got really confused with this phrase. His response was “no I am very masculine and I do not want to feel you.” Ha ha I don’t know maybe it was funnier with him because how he talks in English and how he is. But they are way good. They are both looking for the truth; they went to a lot of churches and said they still haven’t found it. They don’t want the Catholic Church or the Jehovah’s witness, which is good. He is reading and praying they only problem is that his dad is a Jehovah witness, so whenever Pablo is reading the book of Mormon the dad comes with his bible and tries to prove things wrong. I really don’t like the bible of the Jehovah’s witnesses, I think josh will now why. But they come to church yesterday and they loved it. The liked that we don’t yell and scream and only read scriptures the whole time. They also told me and they really love me. Ha ha they said it is because I am from the United States. Ha ha ya I know it is stupid, but if it helps them progress I am fine with it. Ha ha they are so cool.

Well now about the baptism. So we were thinking a lot about how we could do her baptism. She can not use her knees really well and she is a pretty big lady. So we finally figured that we put a little stool in the water and had elder cubilla me and leandro chacòn help us in the water. We were going to carry her in the water but she wanted to try. She grabbed the rail and we had to bend and straighten her knees for her. So we finally got her in the water and I did the ordinance and it was good. They only problem was the had she plugged her nose with was sticking us in the air. So I hurried and pushed really hard on her arm until it went under. Ha ha it almost didn’t go under. But it did and it was really nice. She loved it. Ha ha her smile was so big. But then we had to get her out of the water. She didn’t want a lot of help , just bending her knees, so it took like 10 minutes for her to get out of the water. Ha ha but it was really nice and she loved it. The members are starting to trust the missionaries again. We are baptizing something the ward hasn’t seen in a long time. But I am pretty sure Pablo and Mercedes will get baptized too.

So this week we had a surprise visit in the apartment. Monday we didn’t have a lot of time to clean so lets just say it wasn’t the cleanest. Elder romano called us and said that we are coming to your apartment with president lindahl. Ha ha we started cleaning really really fast. Running and doing all we could. Ha ah pres. Knocked the door and we were swetting and he said. Oh elders were you cleaning a little. He came in and it wasn’t bad he just came to see how we were doing and left. But good thing that elder called, it would have been bad.

So something that I need in my birthday package is a new scripture marker pen the one with like 8 colors and like 1 or 2 pairs of garments if there is room. I am pretty sure that is it. Wow I am almost twenty. I still haven’t bought my suit. I haven’t found a place yet and I don’t know if I am going to be transferred and if I get transferred back to Mendoza there are better places there so I will see. I hope everyone is doing good I love you all.

Elder smith

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