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March 30, 2009

Dear Family,

Wow, seems like everyone has had a really busy week. And sounds like everyone is doing great. Ha ha except for bryce and his wrist. Ya bryce keep with the wrestling a bear with your bare hands story it is better then breaking it while playing racketball. Ha ha. But still it is funny. Oh before i forget. Jenna and todd i got your letter and the pictures. Ha ha i got them when we were going with the zone leaders for a baptismal interview and i had to open it right there so Juana (an investigator) could look at the pictures of the baby. They all loved it. Elder Cubilla loved the one with macs head in a baseball glove. Ha ha they were good pictures. I love it, thanks.

Thats cool that conner got his eagle project done already. I wish i would have done mine that soon. Bryce get on it buddy you dont want to wait like i did. It isnt worth it. But it seemed like a lot of work. I wish i could of helped. Ha ha this week we arent working that much. We had church and interviews with the mission president on Sunday, Monday we had zone conference, today, Tuesday we have pday tommorrow district meeting Thursday weekly planning and Saturday and Sunday gerneral conference. Ha ha we only have one full day of working this week. But i am so excited for general conference. I cant wait.

So ya mom i want to see some pictures of the new tailor. And that stinks that there is not a mirror so i can make faces while playing cards. That was one of the main reasons i played so much cards that trip. Ha ha i no. I bet it is an awesome trailor. Cant wait to see it. This year of camping will be a lot better with that trailor. I still cant believe brenton is going to findland. That is so crazy. Oh one quick question, when does brady get home from his mission? Isnt it pretty soon? Just currious.

Lets see this week has been a really good week. This Sunday we had my fifth baptism. Her name is Delimen Santos Ocampo, she is 82 years old and really funny. Ha ha so was the baptism. Elder cubilla forgot to tell her to bend her knees and when he went to dunk her, her feet slipped out from underneeth her and he barely got her back up. For one thing she is old and doesnt have much strength and the other is that she isnt way skinny. Ha ha it was funny though. She still loved it and so did her neighbor, juana. We are workign with her but the only problem is she is in a weel chair and cant stand up. It will be a different baptism with her. But it was wonderful, they ward was so happy because it has been a long time since this area has had a baptism. We are hoping this just kicked this area back into gear.

Yesterday we had zone confernce. It was a really good zone conference. Since president lindahl has arrived in the mission he has been working with the provo utah mission (who is the most baptising mission in the world. Dont ask me how) he has been workign with the mission president and elder holland i think with a new system for our numbers. It is a really good system. It makes it so we arent just focusing on numbers. We dont even count a lesson as a lesson unless it is the second time we have been back to teach that family. A lot of the times we enter a house say a prayer and count it as a lesson and never go back because they werent that interested or something. But we count it as a lesson so our numbers look good. Now they are just focusing on progressive investigator lesson. We have other key indicators too like how many times we open the mouth with someone during they day, how many lessons with members, how many we people in church and baptism dates. We also need 1.5 baptisms a month. President said if we will acheive these goals the mission will double there baptisms and from tommorrow april 1st 2009 and april 1st 2010 we will have 1500 baptisms. I really have a good feeling about this new program and i really like it. It makes us think of the people more then numbers.

Ha ha and president lindahls talk was just funny. He was talking about how the latinos teach a lot better because they are from here. And us gringos have a harder time becuase we are not from here and the language thing is a barrier. Ha ha every gringo in this zone has a latin companion. So president said. I WANT ALL YOU GRINGOS TO BECOME MORE LATINO!!!! He said, that is the goal i want you to have this next couple of transfers. Be more latino. So that is my goal to watch elder cubilla and be more latino. I got the skin color. Now i just need the accent and the vocabulary. But it was a good talk he had. The zone leaders talked about showing more love for the people and not being so robotic while teaching. They had a movie with elder ber-robot-cal aka elder berrocal and elder amor-gan (amor means love) aka elder morgan. They have a video with elder amorgan teaching and elder berrobot teaching and the one with love had a lot more success. It was a really funny movie. Zone confernece was really good.

While i was talking with sister lindahl president came up and said. Sister lindahl what are we going to do about elder smiths suit. It is huge on him. Ha ha then sister lindahl looked at my suit and said ya we need to do something about it. So i guess i have to buy a new suit. They asked me to ask you if i have money to buy a suit and if not there is an account here that is to help missionaries with clothes. So if you could let me know thanks.

Dad, my area is a little inside the beltway and on the east side of it. More on the east side of the beltway. But if you can find a plaza called plaza santa luc├Ča i live right infront of that plaza.

Well it sounds like everyone is doing great and i love you all so much.

Elder smith

1. me, elder cubilla and pres. lindahl
2. me, elder cubilla, zorro aka elder anaya
3. baptism of delimen santos ocampo
4.dont remember which photo is number 4, sorry

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