Friday, July 23, 2010

May 22, 2009

Dear Family,

FELIZ CUMPLIAÑOS ELDER SMITH!!!! Wow i am twenty years old now. I am way old. This morning i woke up and i totally forgot it was my birthday and all of a sudden elder alfonso started singing happy birthday to me in english spanish and guarani. Ha ha it was pretty fun. So lets see. Sounds like everyone has had a really busy week. Bryce is getting done with his ealge project (and mom) hey mom, last ealge project YAY. Emily and josh have moved and everything sounds really good. You need to take a picture of the garden and send it to me. I want to see how it is looking. All sounds really fun. So this week we had pretty fun.

So today for my birthday we had a ward activity to go to all the houses to the members who are inactive to see if they still live there, if they have died, if they have moved and to see if they needed help with anything. So that took about all the morning to about 2 in the afternoon. I went with elder candelario from colombia. We then had a huge lunch. We had soup which is called locro. It is kinda like a bean soup just not as good as moms. It was just a big party for the ward and they sung happy birthday for me. Also a sister made a cake for me and we just have to go to her house to get it. I am pretty excited for that. But other than that, that was my birthday. In about two hours we have to leave to start to working again. So ya, that was my birthday. But it really not that bad.

This week I went to the other elders area and we did divisions. I went with elder nieve from buenos aires in his are los pinos. It was really fun. We taught a guy that has no feet who is getting baptized this Saturday. Which means i have to do my first baptismal interview. Oooh i am a little scared for that. I hope he dosnt have anything serious to tell me. I dont know if i could handle that with the first interview. There area is doing good that only thing is that these two elders are probably the most prideful missionaries in the whole mission. So they are constantly fighting. Ya problems. So i have to do divisions every week with them. Uuuhhh. Oh well. I hope they will learn how to work together a little better, it isnt hard they just have to work at it and put in a little sacrifice.

I still havent gotten the package becuase everything takes a lot longer to get here becuase we are in san juan. So i dont know when it will come but thankyou so much and also tell grandma and grandpa thankyou too.

So that is about it this week. Send me some pictures of the eagle project in the next email. Thank you. I hope you all have fun and are safe. Till next week i love you all.

Elder smith

here are some pictures.
1. for my birthday( and a holiday) lunch in the church building
2. me and the street signs that are the streets MAY 25TH and UNITED STATES. cool huh.
3. A pizza that we bought while wearing our tomba jerseys.

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