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August 17, 2009


Well it sounds like everyone is doing good. Bryce in school (yay) stake conference and everything like that. I think it would be good for the argentines to have the same stake conference. There are a lot of people that have barely enough money for food but they have satelite tv and a nice cell phone. Then they get mad because they dont have money. They need to have that talk too. Oh well, they will learn, i was never good with my money either. So i got my leather scripture case today. It is ok. Not like i thought it would be but it was only like 25 dollars. So i cant be too mad. I will try taking a picture of it and send it next week.

That was a really good story of the little boys testimony. We had something similar yesterday. We were teaching, Raul, Juana(convert that is in a wheel chair), and 5 in active people in priciples of the gospel. We taught the plan of salvation. I was talking about our earth life and how we have to live the gospel. I asked juana to share her expereince from when she got baptized. It was just a really simple testimony but it helped out raul a lot. It is amazing how much just a little testimony helps. Raul is really excited about his baptism. Oh by the way mom, why are you doing the yards by yourself????? Get bryce out there!!! You cant do that. Oh and that is awesome that you have text messages that will be good when i get home. So raul saw my pictures and said that emily has the perfect example of an american girl. When people think of girls from america that is what they think of. Blond hair, blue eyes and big white smile. It was pretty funny.

So we went to Raul´s house on Saturday. (he lives really really far) we had to take a bus and walk like 40 minutes. But we went and we taught the lesson and he is way excited to get baptized. He will get baptized next Sunday after church. So lets see on Sunday at 9 in the morning at you house i will be in the water with raul baptising him. Cool huh??? He is awesome. And get this, HE HAS GOLF CLUBS!!!!! After the lesson we went our back and hit golf balls. It was awesome. It is really unusually for an argnetine to have golf clubs. But he told me. In broken english `i want to give this golf glove to the man that will baptise me, elder smith´ . it was awesome. He gave me a golf glove. So i told him i will use it when i get home and go golfing. Ha ha it was pretty cool. A pretty cool gift. He is way awesome. He is going to be the convert that means the most i think, or will be the strongest. So after the lesson me and elder snow left to go walk to the road to take a bus. (about 40 minutes walking) and he said no i will take you on the motorcycle. I thought about the offer and thought hey why not. So we did it. Ha ha three grown men on one little motorcycle. I wish i could have seen what we looked like. It was preety funny and a lot better then walking. We probably wont do it again. I am just scared of what could have happened. But it is ok. We have fun. Ha ha.

So we were teaching some lady named Gema. I was teacing about prayer i think and she started laughing. I asked her if i said something wrong in spanish and she said no. ´you eyes make me laugh´ that was the weridest thing that someone has told me in the whole mission. Ha ha our my eyes weird???? It was just really werid. I dont think my eyes look werid or would make someone laugh. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are all going to mendoza to go the special conference. Elder bowen is coming to talk to us. I am pretty excited. I like traveling in those buses. The only problem is that it leaves at 6 in the morining. And we have to talk to at least 3 people before the conference. We are going to be in a swarm of thirty miutes trying to talk to 3 people each. I am pretty excited for that. Well i hope you all have a great week. I will. I will write more next week. But fingers are tired. Ha ha. Have a good week. Chau chua. Les amo.

Elder smith

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