Friday, July 23, 2010

June 29, 2009

Dear family,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(yesterday)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(tomorrow)

I hope you had a good birthday. I am sure you did. So ya that does sounds pretty gross about the freezer that broke. Poor little josh. We also have a refrigerator that is broken and it smells really bad, so we just dont open it and try to forget about. One day when we have time we will take care of it. Well i hope everything went well with your birthday, and dont feel old. My compamions mom is like 73 years old. Ya old.

So ya everything in the package was awesome. The chips were a little stale, but do you think that will stop me from eating chips and salsa. I think that was the food i miss more then anything. MEXICAN. When i saw that church history book. I thought oh man i dont like reading and besides that book is huge. But then i thought to my self. I like reading. I read everyday for atleast one hour. Ha ha i am on page like 102 in one week. When i get home at night instead of doing something not so productive i just read that book. It is an awesome book. Really interesting, there are a lot of things that i didnt know. I really like it a lot. Also the piano book folder. This last week we were busy in all the siestas so i didnt get to play a lot. But this week i think i will. Oh man that stinks that the air conditioning went out. When it was hot here in san juan i couldnt sleep at night. I had to have a fan and sometimes get my sheets wet. But now it is freezing and we dont have a heater. Oh the mission life. I love it.

So lets see what has happened this week. So on wednesay night they gut came to fix the water and he sait her was going to come at five but he showed up at 6 15 and started to put a new water heater in. So we started reading and studying while he was working becuase we cant leave him working with all our stuff in the house. So after a hour and a half we got bored. Then another half hour. He didnt leave till 8 30. ah i was so mad. We only talked with 15 people in the street for the week and we neeed 60. so we only had time to go to Paola. I was so mad we lost a lot of time. But we taught her and made in back to the house with one minute to spare. We cant have the cell phones in the street anymore so i have to buy a watch so right now we just have to guess what time it is our ask someone. But paola is doing good she couldnt go to church becuase her daughter was sick but that is ok becuase we had one guy come to church. His name in alberto. He is 82 and really funny. He wants to feel more prepared for a baptism so we are going to help him feel ready. Also this family that talked to us in the atm line is doing good. They couldnt come becuase there were elections yesterday. He had to go to the other part of san juan to vote. And it is so stupid here. You have to vote. If you dont vote you have to pay a fine or go to jail. So yesterday everyone was in bad mood becuase they didnt want to vote. Ah. But we had a good week we talked to 140 people in the street and had a lot of lessons. So it was all good. Well that is about it that happened this week. We played soccer today so i am way tired hopefully i will have time to take a nap. But everything is good. Happy birthday mom yesterday and dad tommorrow. I love you all

Elder smith

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