Saturday, July 24, 2010

March 29, 2010

Hey Family,

WE WON MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!! AND WE WON THE CUP!!!!!!(the cup is for the zone that baptizes the most)
We had a crazy week but everything worked out amazinly.
So someone is sending that email out about the orange juice bashing on the orange patch. that is pretty retarded. oh well. i really do miss the orange juice from the orange patch. it is so good. you just cant find that kind of orange juice here. you cant find oranges like we have either. here in villa mercedes the fruit isnt that great and it is really expensive. for one kilo of peaches it is 8 pesos. it is crazy how much they want for fruit here. to get our daily fruit we just have to hope the members give us fruit. they usually give us grapes or apples. yesterday we had a fruit salad with and a watermelon after lunch. it was really good.
so grandpa is getting a surgery today. i sure hope everything goes well. a lot of people here have catarats also. we are teaching a guy right now that cant even tell me and elder mendoza apart. he only can tell by our voices. it is pretty funny. i will be praying that everything goes well.
so that is a lot of corn and tomatoes that you all planted. what a shame that it wont be there for when i get home. darn it. ha ha. i sure hope everything goes well with the harvest. a lot of people from san luis go to mendoza to help with the grape harvest. they need a lot of workers to get it done.
about easter here. it is about the only week that the catholic people actually do church things. yesterday it was the day of the olive branches or something. i dont know. almost every person i saw was carrying around olive branches. they were everywhere. in the next week it is going to be pretty big with holy week. they cant eat meat so they have been doing empanadas of tuna. i am not even going to try it. it just sounds gross. but they take it pretty seriously. they dont eat meat for a couple of days. for an argentine that is something big. also the meat is very expensive right now because of problems with the government. they are always having problems with them. no one likes their president. also the school teachers here are on strike wanting more money. they were supposed to start school a month ago and they still havent started. they dont know when they are going to start. they say that they wont work until they get paid more. and the government is saying we are going to pay the same and we wont pay you until you start working again. so they are both loosing. it is hard for someone to lose a months worth of pay. and the government is losing the time for their people to learn. they need school. that is a little that is going on here in argentina. high meat prices and angry teachers.
ok so a little about this last week. in my area we were supposed to have 4 baptisms. everything was going good and everyone passed their interviews and ready to get baptized. we go the next day and rosa dosent want to get baptized. she said she didnt feel ready. (even though she knows she is) the thing is that she has been with the jehovas witness´s for like 5 years. with them you have to know practicly everything to be able to be baptized. so she feels like she is now ready for it. so we set another date for the 10th of abril. we as of right now have 2 people for the tenth of abril.
well anyways. other than that little problem everything was going good and the the bishop called and said he assaigned some members to do the baptisms. i told him that the investigatores have to choose. so he got mad at me and that was it. then after that problem we were doing good until saturday. the other missionaries come home and tell us we have no water. so we freak out run to the church to find out what the problem is. there was no water in the tanks. so we have to call everyone and tell them that the baptisms were going to be in a different chapel. we go to an investigator of the other elders and the mom said if it is in that chapel my daughter is not getting baptized. so we convinced her and paid for a cab and took her to the church. we finally got everyone there. in was crazy. we started a half hour late. but once it got started it was amazing. there were nine people that got baptized and there were like 85 people there for the baptism. almost a third of them werent members. it was so awesome. everyone got baptized and everyone felt so good. there was so much opposition and satan did not want these baptisms to work. he was doing everything to get into their minds the day before. but we were able to do it and it work our amazingly. everyone loved it.
the next day it church we confirmed all of them and it worked our perfect again. the zone really worked really hard for those baptisms. everyone is dead tired but that is good. sunday night we called up the assistants and we told them how we did in the week. they said we did good but also san martin did good too(we were competing with them) they told us all the numbers and they were really close but we ended up winning. so we went to the bus terminal and bougt tickets to go to mendoza. we left this morning at 6 30. we are in mendoza waiting right now. we have lunch at presidents house at 3. they are also going to give us a nike shirt. we are all way excited. the lord really has blessed us a lot this last month. we showed him that we wanted to work and he blessed us with people. we are looking good for abril again. transfers are this week and i am staying with elder mendoza. tomorow my companion has to write him mom so i will send more pictures of the dinner tomorrow. it was a great week and i hope we have another month like this one. i love you all. hope you all have a good week. les quiero mucho. chau chau.
elder smith
ps. ya those cars are still over the place and i dont get how they are still working.

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