Saturday, July 24, 2010

May 3, 2010

time is going really fast. it is already may and we will be talking again this sunday. crazy!!!! before i forget i will give you the number real quick. so i want you to call on thursday night at like 6 30 your time. i am pretty sure that will be 10 30 here. we will give it a test call. and if i dont get a call thursday night i will send you another email. ok so here is the number. 011549-2657-321-690 so i will be waiting for the call on thursday night to make sure it will work and we will give you the time on thursday.
ok so sounds like you had a really busy week. which cat had kittens????? floyd??? mrs. cat??? or is there a new one??? but that is pretty cool. six new kittens there is the house. that should be pretty fun. do we still have that dog daisy??? man it is hard to keep track of things. oh well.
so it sounded like it was fun to go to Gila Valley Temple didication. i sure do miss the temple. that is something that i want to do right when i get home. i miss it a ton. we are so blessed to have a temple. my companion has to travel a day to get to the temple. we have fifteen minutes. we are so blessed. i can see that more and more each day. oh does el rey and the buger house sound good. i love argentine food but it just doesnt match mexican food. that is something that just cant be topped. aunt katies story about the bus sounds like what happened to us in febuary. when we get a flat too. it was pretty scary but we were just on a flat road. it is pretty scary. there are a lot of people on those buses.
so brein is dating. that is good. she deserves a good boy. she is a good girl. do you know his name??? so chad got home last week. he sent me an email. it is really weird that i am the last of the group. i am the only one in the field right now. but i am loving it. transfers are coming up. i will know what will happen next week. i dont know what is going to happen. i dont know if i will stay here or go somewhere else. i am up for anything. i am pretty sure that i will have one area more. i want to go back to san juan. i love san juan. we will just see waht happens.
so tylers old girlfriend is getting married. ha ha that happened to a missionary here too. his old girlfriend got married on his birthday. how does that happen?? oh well who cares. i know he is ok. he will find some one better. a prophet promised it. so you just have to trust it. ha ha. so you got pulled over mom. it is ok. it happens to the best of us. i got pulled over in utah too for the same reason. oh well. at least you didnt get a ticket. lucky duck. it is for keeping the commandments and going to the temple. cant wait to do a sesson there. so what is the new s on the other two??? anything good.
so this week was really good. i had to go to mendoza to get new cell phones. the mission got new cell phones so me and the other zone leader from san luis went and got them. president bought us mcdonalds and everytihg. we came back to san luis in a royal suite bus. it was amazing. it is like first class on the airplane. they give you all the pop you want. the seat folds all they back and they gave us a bottle of wine. BUT I LEFT IF IN THE BUS. i was so mad. i wanted it for a souvenier. oh well. right now we are working with the Valle family. there are doing so good. he is going to baptize his daughter this weekened. he bore his testimony for the first time in ten years. it was so nice. he really animated the members to help us too. he put our names in there for us. ha ha. hoepfully it will kick the members into gear. when he got down from bearing his testimony his two daughters gave him a huge hug. it was so amazing. there were so happy. i loved it. there is so much to do it this ward. i dont want to go. hopefully i stay. there are some more people to baptize and more families to help. i love it.
a lot happened this week i just cant think of it all right now. but everything is doing really good. i sure hope grandma is ok. i will be praying for her a lot. tell her to be careful and to use lights. i love you all so much. have a good week. chau.
elder blake smith
oh before i forget. bryce tell me about iron man 2. is it good? i saw on a news paper that it came out.

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